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    Conference & Bookfair

    Secure Your Exhibit Space for #AWP19

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  • National Program Directors' Prize


    National Program Directors' Prize

    KODON wins the 2018 design award!


  • May/Summer Writer's Chronicle

    Writer's Chronicle

    On the Value of Science and Art

    Tracy Daugherty in the May/Summer 2018 issue


  • In the Spotlight


    In the Spotlight

    Get to know our newest featured member: Brian Kaufman, publisher at Anvil Press.


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  • Writer's Notebook

    Writer's Notebook

    Defensive Masculinity in the CW Workshop

    Rachel Lyon shares what she learned while leading a workshop.


Featured This Month

In the Spotlight: Brian Kaufman

Publisher, Anvil Press

Writer's Notebook: "Hemingway's Workshop: What a Writing Program Can Offer You"

Alan Cheuse | July 2012

Podcast: Episode 151: Reclaiming the Past: The Challenge of Understanding Vanished Cultures

Washington, DC 2017

The Writer's Chronicle Archives: "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?"

John Clellon Holmes | September 1979

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