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Supriya Bhatnagar

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    Focus on Smaller and Deeper in Creative Nonfiction

    I casually picked up The Writer’s Chronicle (The Writer’s Chronicle, vol. 50, #3, December 2017) when I was on campus of my alma mater, Shippensburg University (PA), and was drawn to your long interview with Debra Monroe, who it turns out, is very much into creative nonfiction writing. So am I, in that I have written a 36,000-word memoir on my late wife and why she was special, and I took in the first semester at ShipU the creative nonfiction course they offered.

    And I have signed up for the second semester advanced creative nonfiction course that is a new offering. Monroe’s interview was helpful and interesting in that my background has been in journalism and magazine editing, but that, as my instructor says, I need to “focus on smaller and deeper, to stay in a scene before digressing” when writing creative nonfiction. It seems as if I have undone myself with my years of news and feature writing. I’m working on this new form.

    By the way, college graduates should look in on taking refresher courses where, with most institutions, the senior citizen fees and tuitions are slashed drastically from the undergraduate charges.

                      Ron Keener
                      Chambersburg, PA