Writer’s Chronicle App

A digital edition of the Writer's Chronicle is now available as an app for the iPad and for iPhone. Download the app today and begin reading from our recent issues.

Information for Members and Subscribers

Starting with the September 2014 issue, AWP switched developers for its iPad and iPhone apps for the Writer’s Chronicle. Your subscriptions and issues in the old app will not be deleted, however, that app will no longer be updated with new issues. If you downloaded our old app, please make sure to now download our new app for all recent issues. We will soon have previous issues as archives available on our new app.

If you are an AWP member or a magazine subscriber, you can get free access to issues within the app that correspond to your start and end dates of membership or subscription. Use the email address and password that you use for your AWP user account as login and password within the app; this will allow you to access the issues without buying each one.

Note: if you just joined or subscribed, you will have access starting with the next issue that is published. To find out what issue that will be, check your Writer's Chronicle Subscriptions page in your AWP account.

To access the app, follow the quick steps below.

iPad & iPhone Directions

  • Step 1: Go to iTunes and download the free app. If you must search for the app in the store, type AWP Writer's Chronicle into the search field. Please note the change in name from the older version of the app. Old app name: Writer’s Chronicle. New app name: AWP Writer’s Chronicle.

  • Step 2: Once you have downloaded the app, open it. To gain access to issues for free, please click the lock icon in the app and log in with the email address and password that you use for your AWP user account.


AWP cannot assist you with technical questions related to downloading and installing the app. However, if you have a question relating to the app that is not covered here, please contact chronicle@awpwriter.org.

Download the Writer’s Chronicle App

Issues in the Writer’s Chronicle app are free to current AWP members and magazine subscribers.