Purpose, Place, and Practice

Oregon, United States

Aug 15 - Aug 20, 2024



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A generative creative workshop on the Rogue River, focused on building a life as a purpose-driven storyteller. Hosted by Ed Roberson of Mountain & Prairie Podcast.

Join Freeflow Institute and Ed Roberson for a 5-day autumn float down Oregon's iconic Rogue River. Freeflow workshops provide space and tools for creative development in wild places for writers, artists, and leaders of all backgrounds.

"Whether crafting a multi-million dollar grant proposal, boiling down the complexities of water rights into a compelling narrative, or conducting a substantive interview about a controversial issue, I’ve learned that storytelling is my most powerful tool for effecting significant change. People are moved to action by engaging stories, so learning to craft compelling narratives that resonate with specific audiences has been the most important skill I’ve ever developed – professionally, personally, and creatively.

Over the course of our five days on the Rogue River, I will share a blend of big-picture ideas and specific hard skills that I’ve developed over the years– strategies, practices, and tactics that have been invaluable in my journey to becoming a full-time, purpose-driven storyteller. I'll take us from the 10,000-foot view of the craft and philosophy of narrative storytelling, to the 10-foot view of the software, gear, financial realities, and specific resources that you’ll need to get your project off the ground." (Ed Roberson)


Featured Writers Include:

Ed Roberson, conservationist, storyteller, and creator of Mountain & Prairie Podcast


Poetry, Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Screenwriting, Children's literature


Oregon, United States

Freeflow Institute

Freeflow Institute curates immersive outdoor learning experiences in Earth’s wildest classrooms – for all people, of all backgrounds. We help humans connect to places, to one another, and to the truest forms of their work and art.