Intro Journals Project

The Intro Journals Project is a literary competition for the discovery and publication of the best new works by students currently enrolled in AWP member programs. Program directors are invited to nominate students works, which are selected for publication in participating literary journals, including Artful Dodge, Colorado Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, Mid-American Review, Puerto del Sol, Quarterly West, and Tampa Review.


Nomination packets should be postmarked by
December 1, 2014 and mailed to:

      Susan Streeter Carpenter
      Department of English
      Bluffton University
      1 University Drive
      Bluffton, OH 45817-2104

2014 Intro Journals Project Winners

Intro Journals Winners: Poetry

Selected by Iris Jamahl Dunkle

  • “Site Fidelity”
    Anne Barngrover, University of Missouri Creative Writing
    Mid American Review

  • “Measuring an Arc by Every Other Degree”
    James White, Florida Atlantic University MFA in Creative Writing
    Colorado Review

  • “Descent”
    Lucien Darjeun Meadows, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Hayden’s Ferry Review

  • “The Hook in the Throat Where Breath is Hung”
    David Antonio Moody, Florida State University
    Artful Dodge

  • “Fidelity”       
    Jaya Stenquist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Program in Creative Writing
    Iron Horse Literary Review

  • “Rations”       
    Natalie Mesnard, University Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, MFA in Creative Writing
    Tampa Review

  • “Milk Way Nine Patch”
    Rachel  Rinehart, McNeese State University
    Quarterly West

  • “Everything in My Life I’ve Invited”
    Ruth Baumann, University of Memphis
    Puerto Del Sol

Honorable Mention

  • “Exchange Body”
    Kristen George Bagdanov, Colorado State University, Department of English

  • “How to Measure a Season”
    Patrick McGee, Northern Kentucky University

  • “Lies After the War”
    Miller Oberman, University of Connecticut, Department of English

Intro Journals Winners: Fiction

Selected by Daniel Chacón

  • “Mezuzah”
    Tim Buchanan, Department of English, East Carolina University
    Puerto Del Sol

  • “The Last Best Place”
    Christopher Connor, St Mary’s College of California, MFA Program
    Mid-American Review

  • “Open at the Throat”
    Fae Dremock, Department of English & Center for Writers, University of Southern Mississippi
    Artful Dodge

  • “The Demon at Montgomery Hill”
    Laura Smith, Florida State University
    Quarterly West

Honorable Mention

  • “Across the Creek”
    Jayne Waldrop, Murray State University, MFA Program in Creative Writing

  • “Herbert Hoover”
    Marla Weeg, Northwestern University, MA/MFA in Creative Writing

  • “Women in the Garden”
    Patrick Sung, University of Miami Creative Writing Program 

  • “Cavalier Presentations of Heartbreaking Updates”
    Sadie Hoagland, University of Utah, Creative Writing Program

Intro Journals Winners: Creative Nonfiction

Selected by Lee Martin

  • “Bruno in the Afternoon”
    Collette O’Connor, San Jose State University
    Iron Horse Literary Review

  • “Tenebrae”
    Jan Shoemaker, Ashland University
    Colorado Review

  • “Charade”                  
    Kendra Atleework, University of Minnesota
    Hayden’s Ferry Review

  • “The Oriel Window”
    Shanley Jacobs, University of San Franciso, MFA in Writing Program
    Tampa Review

Honorable Mention

  • “Chasing Something in the Night”
    Sean Ironman, University of Central Florida

  • “A Baptism that Keeps”
    Andrew Payton, Iowa State University, MFA in Creative Writing & Environment

  • “Three Deaths”
    Emily Maloney, The University of Pittsburgh, Department of English

  • “Kill Right Hunger”
    Sarah Heston, University of Missouri