Staggered literary journal covers: Colorado Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, Iron Horse, Mar, Puerto Del Sol, Quarterly West, Reed, and Tampa Review

Intro Journals Project

The Intro Journals Project is a literary competition for the discovery and publication of the best new works by students currently enrolled in AWP member programs. Program directors are invited to nominate students' works, which are selected for publication in participating literary journals, including Colorado Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, Mid-American Review, Puerto del Sol, Quarterly West, Reed Magazine, and Tampa Review.

2021 General Editor

Dave Essinger, University of Findlay

2021 Intro Journals Project Winners

Intro Journals Winners: Poetry

Selected by Karen Craigo

  • “Autotomy”
    J.P. Grasser
    University of Utah Creative Writing Program
    Colorado Review

  • “Dear Make-Pretender”
    Andy Sia
    University of Mississippi MFA Program
    Puerto del Sol

  • “Pandemic Haircuts”
    Cassandra Caverhill
    Bowling Green State University
    Reed Magazine

  • “What’s Inside”
    Nathaniel Ricketts
    Penn State BAMA in Creative Writing
    Tampa Review

  • “Blueshift”
    Jon Elofson
    University of North Carolina Wilmington’s MFA Program in Creative Writing
    Hayden’s Ferry Review

  • “Which One”
    Skye Jackson
    University of New Orleans
    Reed Magazine

  • “Would I Rather Soften”
    Ae Hee Lee
    University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee Creative Writing
    Mid-American Review

  • “I Want To Write A Poem About My Hometown”
    Sydney Vogl
    University of San Francisco MFA in Writing Program
    Iron Horse Literary Review

Honorable Mention

  • “Talk to Me About the Deer”
    Nick McDonald
    University of Nebraska at Omaha

  • “A Recipe for Bread Pudding”
    Zoe Dudack
    College of Wooster

  • “Ode to ‘Unknown African Doll’ at the Orlando Museum of Art”
    Jada Reyes
    University of Central Florida

  • “Terminal Velocity”
    Tegan Murrell
    University of Alabama MFA Program

  • “Self-Portrait as My Grandpa’s John Deere Hat”
    Eileen Winn
    Florida Atlantic University MFA

  • “the boys with dead mothers become better with time”
    Skye Jackson
    University of New Orleans

  • “We All Wanted an Argonaut Husband”
    Katie McMorris
    Purdue University MFA

  • “the boy thinks about other boys”
    Ben Wenzl
    University of Nebraska at Omaha

Intro Journals Winners: Fiction

Selected by Mary Grimm

  • “The Most Ordinary Thing”
    Mia Yanosy
    University of Connecticut
    Iron Horse Literary Review

  • “The Blood Kettle”
    Danielle Harms
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Mid-American Review

  • “Pumpjack”
    Steven Vineis
    University of North Carolina Wilmington
    Hayden’s Ferry Review

Honorable Mention

  • “Phooka Road”
    Keith Enterante
    San Diego State University

  • “Ain't No Glory for Billy”
    Rebecca Wood
    University of Alaska Fairbanks MFA Program

  • “The Gas Station”
    Chloe McConnell
    St. Lawrence University

  • “Younger”
    Shane Inman
    New Mexico State University

  • “Bhopal, 1984”
    Samia Ahmed
    Old Dominion University MFA Program

Intro Journals Winners: Creative Nonfiction

Selected by Athena Dixon

  • “The Loneliest One”
    Nick Castro
    University of San Francisco MFA in Writing Program
    Puerto del Sol

  • “Gift”
    Jonathan Winston Jones
    Northwestern University
    Quarterly West

  • “I Never See Her Anymore”
    Emily Standlee
    University of Missouri Kansas City MFA Program in Creative Writing
    Tampa Review

  • “The Sky is a Liar Being Blue”
    Ashlee Beals
    University of New Orleans
    Reed Magazine

Honorable Mention

  • “Jaeger Lecoultre”
    Chaeyeon Park
    Creative Writing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • “Second-Hand Smoke”
    Savanna Bader
    Hendrix College

  • “Maude to Annie”
    Nicole Pendleton
    University of Central Florida

  • “Build Yourself a New Body”
    RaJon Staunton
    Marshall University