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  • May 2015 | Leslie Pietrzyk

    Now What? In the Afterglow of AWP15...

    You had an amazing time at AWP15.... Now it’s back to home and the same old routine. How can you keep that conference energy going with the real world pressing hard?

  • April 2015 | Matthew Zapruder

    Everyday Failure

    During my first few years in graduate school I was doing a lot of failing. I was writing a lot, but I knew somehow my poems weren’t right yet.

  • March 2015 | Matthew Zapruder

    Thinking Through the Long Poem

    It’s been my experience that in the course of writing a lot of poems, it is natural to get into the habit of being on the lookout for an ending.

  • February 2015 | Matthew Zapruder

    Everyday Creativity

    Last fall at the MFA in Creative Writing at Saint Mary’s College in the Bay Area, I taught a craft course called Everyday Creativity.