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A Conversation on Craft with Ursula K. Le Guin

March/April 2017

David Naimon

Addressing Structural Racism in Creative Writing Programs

Online-Only Exclusives

Kazim Ali

Towards a New Creative Writing Pedagogy

October/November 2016

Fred D'Aguiar

Ferguson, Whiteness as Default, & the Teaching of Creative Writing

October/November 2016

David Mura

In Our Way: Racism in Creative Writing

October/November 2016

Claudia Rankine

An Interview with William Least Heat-Moon

December 2015

William Naparsteck

The Quarrel with Ourselves: Robert Penn Warren’s “World of Action and Liability”

March/April 2015

Natasha Trethewey

The Master Craftsman: Function Follows Form in Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady

March/April 2015

Douglas Bauer

Ars Poetica and the Talking Cure: Poetry, Therapy, & the Quest to Create

October/November 2014

Lisa C. Krueger

Kurt Brown and What You Can Do for Poetry

Online-Only Exclusives

David J. Rothman

Balancing Craft & Commitment: Writing Political Fiction

March/April 2013

Rosellen Brown, Tracy Daugherty, & Ellen Meeropol

The Postmodern Memoir

March/April 2012

Hugh Ryan

The Absence of Their Presence: Mythic Character in Fiction

December 2011

Steven Schwartz

Novel Anxiety: Notes from the Genre War Trenches

March/April 2011

Martha Cooley

Between Starshine & Clay:An Interview with Lucille Clifton

February 2011

Remica L. Bingham

Turning the Screws of Story Construction with Henry James

May/Summer 2010

Aimee Liu

Odds on Ends

February 2010

Molly Giles

Poetry & Ethics: Writing About Others

December 2009

Natasha Sajé

An Interview with Sheryl St. Germain

October/November 2009

Allison Schuette

How We Are Changed by the Rhythms of Poetry

September 2009

Karin de Weille

Sin's Entertainment: On Dante's Inferno

March/April 2009

Martha Cooley

Silence & Storytelling

February 2009

Alice Mattison

Elegy for Desire: Luis Omar Salinas 1937-2008

October/November 2008

Christopher Buckley

Machines Made Out of Words: Translating Function & the Translator's Function

October/November 2008

Tony Barnstone

The Interval in Writing: What Happens Between Pussycats & Thugs Does Not Stay Between Pussycats & Thugs

September 2008

Brian Baldi

The Meandering River: An Overview of the Subgenres of Creative Nonfiction

September 2008

Sue William Silverman

On Difficulty in Poetry

May/Summer 2008

Reginald Shepherd

My Touchstones

March/April 2008

Alan Cheuse

Aural Invention as Floral Splendor: Louis Zukofsky's Vision of Natural Beauty in 80 Flowers

February 2008

Leon Lewis

Beautiful Clarity: Jane Kenyon, Anna Akhmatova, and the Luminous Particular

September 2007

David Harbilas

Ouija, Canoe, Haiku: A Collaborative Inquiry into Collaborative Poetry

December 2006

Isaac Cates & Chad Davidson

An Interview with Sandra Cisneros

May/Summer 2006

Ramola D

An Interview with Rita Dove

October/November 2005

Elizabeth Alexander

Return to Sender: Memory, Betrayal, and Memoir

October/November 2005

Mark Doty

An Interview with Chang-rae Lee

May/Summer 2005

Sarah Anne Johnson

An Interview with Edward P. Jones

December 2004

Sherry Ellis

Peering at Privacy in Creative Nonfiction

September 2004

Kaylene Johnson

Writing and Moaning

December 2003

Alan Cheuse

"Imp of Verbal Darkness": Poetry Hoaxes & the Postmodern Politic

December 2003

Rebecca Warner

An Interview with Ai

December 2003

Tomas Q. Morin

An Interview with Ursula K. Le Guin

October/November 2003

Ramola D

The Treasure Trove of Metaphor: More on Poetry Anthologies

October/November 2003

Rachel Hadas

Telescope, Well Bucket, Furnace: Poetry Beyond the Classroom

March/April 2003

Jane Hirshfield

An Interview with Nick Hornby

February 2003

Tom DeMarchi

A Conversation with Dorothy Allison

October/November 2002

Renée Olander

Remembering Eudora Welty

October/November 2002

Richard Bausch

Poetry and Survival

September 2002

Gregory Orr

An Interview with Li-Young Lee

May/Summer 2002

Marie Jordan

The Muse in the News

February 2002

Andrew Ciofalo

"Tis Backed Like a Weasel": The Slipperiness of Metaphor

March/April 2001

Tony Hoagland

Bend Sinister: A Handbook for Writers

October/November 2000

Alice McDermott

From Long Shots to X-Rays: Distance & Point of View in Fiction Writing

September 2000

David Jauss

The Self as a Literary Construct

December 1999

Jocelyn Bartkevicius

An Interview with Mark Doty

March/April 1998

Dale Boyer

Rules & Reality in Fiction

May/Summer 1997

Ron Tanner

Reviewing Literary Citizenship

September 1995

Valerie Miner

Hypertext: Of Mouse & Man

October/November 1994

Sven Birkerts

An Interview with Mary Oliver

September 1994

Renee Olander

An Interview with Rosellen Brown

February 1994

Alexander Neubauer

Emily Dickinson, Madonna, Boomers, Busters, the Old Criterion, & the Next Millennium—

September 1993

Martin Schecter

The Great Ventriloquist Act: Gender and Voice in the Fiction Workshop

September 1993

Julie Brown

Literary Cross-Dressing

March/April 1990

Marianne Hauser

Rocks in Our Beds: A Dark Valentine to New England

September/October 1987

John Clellon Holmes

The Writer as Midwife

May 1987

Daniel Halpern

Whole Sight: Notes on New Black Fiction

February 1985

Charles Johnson

Tendril: A Brief History

February 1984

Mari Lonano

Solitude or Community: Writing As It is Taught

September 1980

Donald Justice

Writing the Journey: Teaching Storytelling in the Undergraduate Workshop

Online-Only Exclusives

Lawrence Coates

An Interview with Kenneth Irby

February 2018

Denise Low

Imitation vs. Originality

February 2018

Nicholas Delbanco

An Interview with Julia Keller

February 2018

Jera Brown

Heathcliff at the Village Green

February 2018

Margot Livesey

The Art of Description

February 2018

David Jauss

Poetic Image

February 2018

James Longenbach

Breaking Boundaries Through Linguistic Aesthetics in The God of Small Things: Arundhati Roy the "Meteque"

February 2018

Sreedhevi Iyer

An Interview with Stanley Plumly

December 2017

Jacqueline Kolosov

Words Creating Space: Three-dimensionality in Prose

December 2017

Rachel Howard

An Unsentimental Interview with Debra Monroe

December 2017

Katie Cortese

Disappearing Act

December 2017

Thomas Sleigh

Twenty Questions: How Much Do You Know About Our US Poet Laureates (A Quiz)

December 2017

Grace Cavalieri

AWP’s First 50 Years of Literary Collaboration

December 2017

David Fenza

AWP’s Literary Agent Web Series: Partnership to Demystify the Process to Publication

December 2017

Fred Leebron

The Work Began to Disfigure Itself: The Contradictory Genius of V.S. Naipaul

December 2017

Vimi Bajaj

Bengal Tiger Moments: Perception of Time in the Brain and on the Page

December 2017

Sean Prentiss

“The Most Extraordinary Thing in the World”: An Interview with Elizabeth Alexander

October/November 2017

Claire Schwartz

Against the Laureates of the Lie: Poetic Strategy in the Age of Trump

October/November 2017

David Wojahn

Great Patience and Love: On Leslie Marmon Silko

October/November 2017

Virginia Barrett

An Interview with Campbell McGrath

October/November 2017

Natasha Sajé

Ceremony and Discrimination: Two Muscles of Poetry

October/November 2017

Tony Hoagland

The Odeon: Or, Singing and Sensibility

October/November 2017

Daniel Tobin

Braving the Controller: Charting the Narrative Strategies of Video Games

October/November 2017

Julialicia Case

An Interview with Gregory Pardlo

September 2017

Ravi Shankar

Carolyn Kizer and the Liberation of Creative Writing

September 2017

Annie Finch

Ten Must-Read Latino Books

September 2017

Michael Dowdy

Authorial Custody in Poetry

September 2017

Elizabeth O’Brien

The Lives of Others: A Reconsideration of Biography

September 2017

Joanne B. Mulcahy

The (Magical) Voice of Community in Mark Twain’s The Mysterious Stranger

September 2017

Jordan Dotson

An Interview with Jane Smiley

September 2017

Sarah Anne Johnson

Poetry, Thought, and the Teaching Arts: From Workshop to the Poems as Questions Project

Online-Only Exclusives

Bruce Bond

Mentoring Gender Fluid and Trans Students in Writing Classes

Online-Only Exclusives

Glen Retief