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Mine Own Eaven

November 2023

Christopher Kempf

Scraping the Writer

November 2023

Erika Swyler

The First Domino?

November 2023

Rachel King

Truth(s) Be Told

November 2023

Donald Quist

Framing the Frame

November 2023

David Galef

An Interview with Alice Friman

November 2023

Patricia Clark

Selections from the 2023 Intro Journals Project Winners

November 2023

#WritersServe Pride Haven at #AWP24A

November 2023

Scout DeSimio

The 2023 National Program Directors’ Prize

November 2023

Moveable Type

September 2023

Marcus Myers

More Than Just a Pretty Hat

September 2023

Philip Metres


September 2023

Douglas Bauer

On Torque

September 2023

Karen Babine

The #AWP23 Keynote

September 2023

Min Jin Lee, Nancy Pearl

The 2023 George Garrett Award for Outstanding Community Service in Literature

September 2023

Duriel E. Harris

The AWP HBCU Fellowship

September 2023

A.J. Verdelle

The Lens of the Present

September 2023

Scott LaMascus

Audible Activism in American Sign Language Poetry

September 2023

Delicia Daniels

Flights of Fancy

September 2023

Aaron Tillman

More Fully, More Delicately Alive

September 2023

Helena Feder

Writing about People of Different Individual & Cultural Identities

April 2023

Maryka Biaggio & Vanitha Sankaran

Women Who Love Musicians All Their Lives

April 2023

Kate Morgan

The Art of Living

April 2023

Helena Feder

In Whose Voice

April 2023

Scott Driscoll & A. Muia

Deborah Levy

April 2023

Liam Hoare

Blah, Blah, Love

April 2023

Jessica Jacobs

From Rules to Rebels

April 2023

J.T. Bushnell

A Conversation With Mark Tredinnick

February 2023

Chikodi Adeola Olasode

In Working Order, or Proxemics & the Poetry Book

February 2023

Anna Leahy

Craft Inc.

February 2023

Christopher Kempf

Iambs & Isotopes

February 2023

Elizabeth Bradford, Lucille Lang Day, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Ann Fisher-Wirth, & Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

Negotiating to Keep the Poem Alive

February 2023

Brian Brodeur

Two Roads to the Ruins

February 2023

Deborah Bacharach & Dia Calhoun

Let Them Write

February 2023

Tim Waggoner

Writing for the Freshest Air

November 2022

Michael Colbert

Black Lives Matter & the Poetics Of Justice

November 2022

Philip Metres

Disorder in Suspension

November 2022

J.D. Scrimgeour

A Conversation with Sonia Sanchez

November 2022

Chapman Hood Frazier

Murdered, or Concealed

November 2022

Sara Hailstone

Containing Multitudes

November 2022

Alicia Ostriker

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

November 2022

Debra Spark

Maxine Hong Kingston & the New Horizons of American Memoir

September 2022

Richard Goodman

Let Scotland Burn Yella

September 2022

Patrick Moran

Raising the Volume

September 2022

Aviya Kushner, Sharon Dolin, Katherine E. Young, Andrea Jurjevic, Nancy Naomi Carlson

Bare Poetry

September 2022

Jasmine V. Bailey

Cathleen Schine & the Comic Tradition

September 2022

Cathleen Schine

On Arab Feminist Writers

September 2022

Jasmin Attia

A Poet of the World, For the World

September 2022

Jonathan Harrington

Writing the Story of Mental Illness for Young Readers

April 2022

Ann Jacobus and Nancy Bo Flood

An Abandoned Immigrant Finds Her Voice: An Interview with Allison Hong Merrill

April 2022

Megan Vered

Poetry Grabbed Me by the Collar: An Interview with Eli Clare

April 2021

Kathi Wolfe

On Inaugural Poet—Amanda Gorman

April 2021

E. Ethelbert Miller

Nonfiction/Nonbinary Literary Identities: An Investigation of Contemporary Writers Queering Gen(der/re) in America

April 2021

Chachi Hauser

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: An Appreciation

November 2020

Kathi Wolfe

Catastrophe and Survival: Women Ecopoets Navigate Pathways Past Denials:

September 2020

Camille T. Dungy, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Brenda Hillman, Sandra Meek, & Aimee Nezhukumatathil

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Identity

Summer 2020

Eileen Cronin

Imagining Your Way through Pandemic: A Love Letter for Students of Creative Writing in Times of Crisis

Summer 2020

Emily Carr

Writing in a Time of Disaster

Summer 2020

Debra Spark

What The Plague Can Teach Us About Ourselves

Summer 2020

Michael C. White

"Embracing my tribe of writers": A Conversation with Sue William Silverman

April 2020

Supriya Bhatnagar

Carolyn Kizer and the Liberation of Creative Writing

September 2017

Annie Finch

A Conversation on Craft with Ursula K. Le Guin

March/April 2017

David Naimon

Middle Passage at 25: Charles Johnson Reflects on His National Book Award–Winning Novel and More

February 2017

Robin Lindley

Towards a New Creative Writing Pedagogy

October/November 2016

Fred D'Aguiar

Ferguson, Whiteness as Default, & the Teaching of Creative Writing

October/November 2016

David Mura

In Our Way: Racism in Creative Writing

October/November 2016

Claudia Rankine

An Interview with William Least Heat-Moon

December 2015

William Naparsteck

The Quarrel with Ourselves: Robert Penn Warren’s “World of Action and Liability”

March/April 2015

Natasha Trethewey

The Master Craftsman: Function Follows Form in Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady

March/April 2015

Douglas Bauer

Ars Poetica and the Talking Cure: Poetry, Therapy, & the Quest to Create

October/November 2014

Lisa C. Krueger

Endlessly Branching: An Interview with Arthur Sze

September 2013

Andy Fogle

Shine in that Vivid Isolation: A Case Study of the Ghazal in the Contemporary American Lyric

May/Summer 2013

Tyler Mills

Balancing Craft & Commitment: Writing Political Fiction

March/April 2013

Rosellen Brown, Tracy Daugherty, & Ellen Meeropol

The Postmodern Memoir

March/April 2012

Hugh Ryan

The Absence of Their Presence: Mythic Character in Fiction

December 2011

Steven Schwartz

A Conversation with Nikki Giovanni

March/April 2011

Chapman Hood Frazier

Novel Anxiety: Notes from the Genre War Trenches

March/April 2011

Martha Cooley

Between Starshine & Clay:An Interview with Lucille Clifton

February 2011

Remica L. Bingham

Make it New/Make it Funky: An Interview with Cornelius Eady

December 2010

Jona Colson

Where the Arc Leads: What American Women's Literary History Reveals About the Contemporary MFA Writer

September 2010

Elizabeth Eshelman

Turning the Screws of Story Construction with Henry James

May/Summer 2010

Aimee Liu

Odds on Ends

February 2010

Molly Giles

Poetry & Ethics: Writing About Others

December 2009

Natasha Sajé

Like Water Remembering Light: An Interview with Marilyn Nelson

September 2009

Leslie McGrath

How We Are Changed by the Rhythms of Poetry

September 2009

Karin de Weille

Sin's Entertainment: On Dante's Inferno

March/April 2009

Martha Cooley

Silence & Storytelling

February 2009

Alice Mattison

Elegy for Desire: Luis Omar Salinas 1937-2008

October/November 2008

Christopher Buckley

Machines Made Out of Words: Translating Function & the Translator's Function

October/November 2008

Tony Barnstone

The Interval in Writing: What Happens Between Pussycats & Thugs Does Not Stay Between Pussycats & Thugs

September 2008

Brian Baldi

The Meandering River: An Overview of the Subgenres of Creative Nonfiction

September 2008

Sue William Silverman

On Difficulty in Poetry

May/Summer 2008

Reginald Shepherd

My Touchstones

March/April 2008

Alan Cheuse

Aural Invention as Floral Splendor: Louis Zukofsky's Vision of Natural Beauty in 80 Flowers

February 2008

Leon Lewis

Beautiful Clarity: Jane Kenyon, Anna Akhmatova, and the Luminous Particular

September 2007

David Harbilas

Rhyming Action in Alice Munro's Short Stories

May/Summer 2007

Maggie Bucholt

Ouija, Canoe, Haiku: A Collaborative Inquiry into Collaborative Poetry

December 2006

Isaac Cates & Chad Davidson

An Interview with Rita Dove

October/November 2005

Elizabeth Alexander

Return to Sender: Memory, Betrayal, and Memoir

October/November 2005

Mark Doty

An Interview with Chang-rae Lee

May/Summer 2005

Sarah Anne Johnson