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Life After the MFA

Have you recently graduated from an MFA program or are you nearing graduation? Or, are you a few years out of your MFA program and feeling unfocused, unsure about your next professional steps, or in need of some motivation to complete that manuscript, land your dream job, find a writing community, or become a literary citizen? Then the Life After the MFA series was created for you.

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  • LATMFA Part 1: Looking Toward the Future
  • LATMFA Part 2: Finding Your Literary Community
  • LATMFA Part 3: Exploring Career Paths
  • LATMFA Part 4: Securing an Agent
  • LATMFA Part 5: Publishing Your Writing
  • LATMFA Part 6: Contests, Grants, and Fellowships
  • LATMFA Part 7: Marketing & Promoting Your Work
  • LATMFA Part 8: Balancing Your Writing
  • LATMFA Part 9: Finding a Mentor
  • LATMFA Part 10: Literary Citizenship

Happy writing!

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