Academic Membership for Creative Writing Programs

Formed in 1967 by fifteen writers representing thirteen programs, AWP provides essential support to creative writing programs. By joining AWP, your program will benefit from a variety of helpful resources as well as a lively network of writers and educators. See below for a list of benefits AWP provides to the students and faculty included on your academic membership.

Academic memberships fall into two categories: high school & two-year college (formerly "affiliate") and institutional.

High schools and two-year colleges will pay one rate and receive member benefits for up to ten faculty and students. Institutional dues are based on the number of faculty and students you wish to have access to membership benefits.

Starting in 2023, academic memberships run on an annual basis from September 1 through August 31. Existing memberships will be extended by one month to accommodate this change. If you do not notice this change on your account, please contact membership services at

Membership Rates for Creative Writing Programs

Please note that the chart below reflects the new rates for the 2024–2025 academic year, which have been adjusted to keep these membership services sustainable.

Number of faculty and students 2024-2025
One-Year Membership
Two-Year Membership
Three-Year Membership
High School & Two-Year College — Up to 10 Members $350.00 $630.00 $840.00
Institutional - 1-20 Faculty and Students $625.00 $1125.00 $1500.00
Institutional - 21-40 Faculty and Students $750.00 $1350.00 $1795.00
Institutional - 41-60 Faculty and Students $875.00 $1570.00 $2095.00
Institutional - 61-80 Faculty and Students $990.00 $1780.00 $2370.00
Institutional - 81-100 Faculty and Students $1085.00 $1955.00 $2610.00
Institutional - 101-120 Faculty and Students $1175.00 $2115.00 $2820.00
Institutional - 121-140 Faculty and Students $1250.00 $2245.00 $2995.00
Institutional - 141-160 Faculty and Students $1325.00 $2385.00 $3180.00
Institutional - 161-180 Faculty and Students $1400.00 $2520.00 $3355.00
Institutional - 181-200 Faculty and Students $1475.00 $2650.00 $3545.00
Institutional - 201-220 Faculty and Students $1560.00 $2810.00 $3745.00

Creative Writing Program Membership Benefits

Faculty and students who belong to AWP member institutions receive all benefits associated with an individual membership, including:

  • A discounted registration rate for our annual AWP Conference & Bookfair
  • A subscription to The Writer’s Chronicle, a digital magazine featuring essays on the art of writing, interviews with accomplished writers, listings of opportunities for writers, and more. Writer's Chronicle access includes a searchable archive of over a decade of past issues.
  • Access to the members-only content on our website, including:
    • the Job List, updated regularly with postings of academic and nonacademic jobs and internships for writers
    • publishing opportunities, grants, and awards information on the Opportunities page
    • the Community Writing Groups Directory, where you can find in-person and online writing groups that share your interests
    • Life After the MFA, a ten-part series dedicated to providing guidance to those embarking on a post-MFA writing journey
    • Teaching Tools, a compilation of pedagogical resources for the creative writing classroom
    • AWP’s Guidelines & Hallmarks for degree-conferring programs in creative writing, which serve to establish professional standards in the field
  • Eligibility to find a mentor through Writer to Writer, a program that pairs new and established writers
  • Promotion of your newly-released book on our online Bookshelf, our affiliate page, and in The Writer’s Chronicle
  • A listing in our Directory of Members, a venue for networking and promoting your work
  • A reduced entry fee for the AWP Award Series

In addition, your program will receive the following:

  • A detailed entry in the AWP Guide to Writing Programs. Member program listings contain an in-depth program description and accompanying images. A member listing in the Guide is the most effective way to promote your program among prospective students.
  • Participation in the Intro Journals Project, a venue for publishing the best student work from our member programs
  • A member discount on advertising rates in The Writer’s Chronicle and on our website
  • Advocacy to support professional standards and fair treatment of creative writing faculty and programs
  • Technical assistance and support toward the development of your writing program