Writer to Writer Mentorship Program

The Spring 2015 session is currently underway. Applications for our Fall 2015 session can be found at right.

AWP's mentorship program, Writer to Writer, aims to match emerging writers and published authors for a three-month series of modules on topics such as craft, revision, publishing, and the writing life. Mentors volunteer their time and receive a free one-year AWP membership. Writer to Writer is free of charge to mentees.

Mentor Credentials

You must apply to be a mentor. We require that each mentor be an AWP member in good standing and have at least one published book. When reviewing applications, we are looking for writers who will, above all, be supportive, responsive, and receptive to learning from the experience themselves. In other words, applicants should demonstrate an understanding of the special nature of a good mentor-mentee relationship. No formal teaching experience is required, but we do take into consideration an applicant's prior experiences as a mentor, teacher, or participant in writing groups and workshops. Mentors are provided with the applications of 2-3 applicants and choose their mentee—not only to provide the better chance of a good match, but also to increase the possibility of a meaningful relationship over time.

Mentee Applications

Writer to Writer is open to all members, but we particularly encourage two underserved segments of our membership to apply—those writers who have never been associated with an MFA program and those writing from regions, backgrounds, and cultures that are typically underrepresented in the literary world. Applicants can select whether or not to have their application considered for future sessions, should they not be chosen for the round for which they applied.

Time Commitment

During the program, mentors and mentees will work through six modules. The pair will decide for themselves whether phone, email, or a mix would be best for them. Mentors agree to be available for a minimum of two hours per month by phone. If email is preferred, mentees agree to limit their questions to no more than six per month.

The Program

Our fall session begins in September 2015 and will consist of six modules over a three-month period, concluding mid-December. Each module will provide a variety of questions and suggested activities to spur conversation for that time period. Post-program highlights, including the mentees’ most pressing questions and their mentors’ most helpful answers, will be posted on our website so that we can all learn along the way.

Be the mentor you wish you had. Make a connection that can last your entire career. Applications for Writer to Writer can be found at right.

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