Annual Conference & Bookfair Program Advertising

The AWP Annual Conference & Bookfair has become an essential gathering for the literary community. Over 12,000 writers, teachers, publishers, students, editors, and literary arts professionals participated in our 2015 conference in Minneapolis. You can become part of the Los Angeles conference by placing an advertisement in the conference program.

We also offer one full-page advertising space on the back outside cover of our conference planner, a condensed and more portable version of the conference program. This is the only advertisement in the planner.

The conference program and planner are distributed to all conference attendees.


Reservation Deadline: December 4, 2015
Ad Copy Deadline: December 11, 2015

2016 Conference Program Rates & Dimensions

Placement based on reservation date. All ads are full color.

Price (four-color) Dimensions
Front inside cover $3,255 8.5" W x 10.875" H (add .25" for bleed)
Back inside cover $2,940 8.5" W x 10.875" H (add .25" for bleed)
Back outside cover $5,660 8.5" W x 10.875" H (add .25" for bleed)
Two-page spread $2,090 15.75" W x 9.5" H
Full page $1,092 7.25" W x 9.5" H
Half page $695 7.25" W x 4.5" H
Quarter page $545 3.5" W x 4.5" H

2016 Conference Planner Rates & Dimensions

The full-page, full-color ad is the only ad in the planner.

Price (four-color) Dimensions
Back Outside Cover $5,970 9" W x 12"H (add .25" for bleed)

Copy requirements for the conference program are the same as those for the Writer's Chronicle.