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For over four decades, the Writer’s Chronicle has served as a leading source of articles, news, and information for writers, editors, students, and teachers of writing. Published six times during the academic year, the Chronicle provides diverse insights into the art of writing that are accessible, pragmatic, and idealistic. Each issue features in-depth essays on the craft of writing, as well as extensive interviews with accomplished authors. Readers can also find news on publishing trends and literary controversies; a listing of grants, awards, and publication opportunities available to writers; and a list of upcoming conferences for writers, including AWP’s Annual Conference & Bookfair. Our pages are for those who love reading and writing.

Current Issue: February 2015

February 2015 Writer's Chronicle Cover


Reading, Writing, Teaching, Time
Notes to You
Strange Reaches, Impossibility, and Big Hidden Drawers
The Anatomy of the Lotus
The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress
Interviews with W.S. Merwin, N.S. Köenings
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