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Current Issue: May 2015

May 2015 Writer's Chronicle Cover


The Grail of Origin
A Man of Care
When Words Work Together
Conceiving Oneself
Secrets and Lies
Interviews with Judith Kitchen, Nick Flynn
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Sample Articles

Article Author

Kurt Brown and What You Can Do for Poetry

David J. Rothman

An Interview with Nick Hornby

Tom DeMarchi

The Postmodern Memoir

Hugh Ryan

The Absence of Their Presence: Mythic Character in Fiction

Steven Schwartz

Self-Awareness & Self-Deception: Beyond the Unreliable Narrator

Sarah Stone

Poetry & Memorability

Mark Irwin

How We Are Changed by the Rhythms of Poetry

Karin de Weille

Silence & Storytelling

Alice Mattison

Elegy for Desire: Luis Omar Salinas 1937-2008

Christopher Buckley

The Meandering River: An Overview of the Subgenres of Creative Nonfiction

Sue William Silverman

On Difficulty in Poetry

Reginald Shepherd

Time's Harrow: A Study in the Nature of Time and Fiction

Brian Tierney

An Interview with Rita Dove

Elizabeth Alexander

Peering at Privacy in Creative Nonfiction

Kaylene Johnson

An Interview with Ai

Tomas Q. Morin

The Treasure Trove of Metaphor: More on Poetry Anthologies

Rachel Hadas

Telescope, Well Bucket, Furnace: Poetry Beyond the Classroom

Jane Hirshfield

A Conversation with Dorothy Allison

Renée Olander

Ghost Writing

Barbara Feinman Todd

Poetry and Survival

Gregory Orr

An Interview with Li-Young Lee

Marie Jordan

Interview of T. Coraghessan Boyle

Liam Callanan

Bend Sinister: A Handbook for Writers

Alice McDermott

From Long Shots to X-Rays: Distance & Point of View in Fiction Writing

David Jauss

Reviewing Literary Citizenship

Valerie Miner

Whole Sight: Notes on New Black Fiction

Charles Johnson

Report from the Director

Eric Staley, AWP Executive Director

Solitude or Community: Writing As It is Taught

Donald Justice

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