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Reprinted from the February 2014 issue of the Writer's Chronicle

  • The Splending Things We Planned: A Family Portrait, memoir by Blake Bailey. W.W. Norton & Company: $25.95 cloth.

  • Forgiving the Angel: Four Stories for Franz Kafka, stories by Jay Cantor. Alfred A. Knopf: $24.95 paper.

  • Throw Yourself Into the Prairie, poems by Francesca Chabrier. Sarabande Books: $14.95 paper.

  • Bicentennial, poems by Dan Chiasson. Alfred A. Knopf: $26.95 cloth.

  • Bodies, of the Holocene, prose and poetry by Christopher Cokinos. Truman State University Press: $16.95 paper.

  • The Art of Youth, nonfiction by Nicholas Delbanco. Amazon Publishing/New Harvest: $25.00 cloth.

  • Ancestor’s Song, poems by Maria Mazziotti Gillan. Bordighera Press/VIA Folios 92: $14.00 paper.

  • The Silence in an Empty House, poems by Maria Mazziotti Gillian. NYQ Books: $14.95 paper.

  • Anvil of God, Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles, historical novel by J. Boyce Gleason. iUniverse LLC: $23.95 paper, $33.95 hardcover.

  • How Long Will I Cry: Voices of Youth Violence, edited by Miles Harvey. Big Shoulders Books: Free paper.

  • Our Deep Gossip: Conversations with Gay Writers on Poetry and Desire, by Christopher Hennessy. University of Wisconsin Press: $26.95 paper.

  • Writing to Wake The Soul, nonfiction by Karen Hering. Beyond Words: $24.00 cloth.
    In These Times The Home is a Tired Place, stories by Jessica Hollander. Univeristy of North Texas Press: $14.95 paper.

  • Keeper, poems by Kasey Jueds. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper.

  • Hyperboreal, poetry by Joan Naviyuk Kane. University of Pittsburg Press: $15.95 paper.

  • A Self Made of Words, nonfiction by Carl H. Klaus. University of Iowa Press: $18.00 paper.

  • And Short The Season, poetry by Maxine Kumin. W.W. Norton & Company: $24.95 cloth.

  • Now, Now, poems by Jennifer Maier. University of Pittsburg Press: $15.95 paper.

  • Thought That Nature, poems by Trey Moody. Sarabande Books: $14.95 paper.

  • Writing is My Drink: A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (and a Guide to How You Can Too), by Theo Pauline Nestor. Simon & Schuster: $15.00 paper.

  • A Reader’s Book of Days, by Tom Nissley. W.W. Norton & Company: $24.95 cloth.

  • Compass, poems by Luc Phinney. Truman State University Press: $18.00 paper.

  • The Wild Shine of Oranges, poems by Shelley Savren. Tebot Bach: $16.00 paper.

  • Where the North Sea Touches Alabama, by Allen C. Shelton. The University of Chicago Press: $20.00 paper.

  • Kimonos in the Closet, poems by David Shumate. University of Pittsburg Press: $15.95 paper.

  • In the Buddha Factory, poems by Alan Soldofsky. Truman State University Press: $15.95 paper.

  • Antidote, poems by Corey Van Landingham. The Ohio State University Press: $16.95 paper.

  • Linda Perdido, novel by Mac Wellman. The University of Alabama Press: $16.95 paper.

  • Book of Hours, poems by Kevin Young. Alfred A. Knopf: $26.95 cloth.


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