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Reprinted from the May/Summer 2018 issue of The Writer's Chronicle

  • State of the Nation, a novel by David Ambrose Jackson. The TMG Firm. Paper.

  • What We Did While We Made More Guns, poems by Dorothy Barresi. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper. 

  • Trash Mountain, a novel by Bradley Bazzle. Red Hen Press: $16.95 paper. 

  • Tramp, poems by Joelle Biele. Louisiana State University Press: $19.95 paper. 

  • Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies: Human Bodies, Posthumanist Worlds, edited by Amanda K. Booher and Julie Jung. Southern Illinois University Press: $45.00 paper. 

  • Rail, poems by Kai Carlson-Wee. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper. 

  • Cenzontle, poems by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper. 

  • Mars Poetica, poems by Wyn Cooper. White Pine Press: $16.00 paper. 

  • Scissors, Paper, Stone, a novel by Martha K. Davis. Red Hen Press: $16.95 paper. 

  • Interrogation Room, poems by Jennifer Kwon Dobbs. White Pine Press: $16.00 paper. 

  • The Second O of Sorrow, poems by Sean Thomas Dougherty. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper.

  • Bone Willows, poems by James Engelhardt. Red Hen Press: $17.95 paper. 

  • The Darkness Call, essays by Gary Fincke. Louisiana State University Press: $20.00 paper.

  • The Science of Lost Futures, stories by Ryan Habermeyer. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper. 

  • Bird Odyssey, poems by Barbara Hamby. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper.

  • REPORTER, a memoir by Seymour M. Hersh. Alfred A. Knopf: $27.95 paper. 

  • Every Atom, poems by Erin Coughlin Hollowell. Red Hen Press: $16.95 paper. 

  • Everyone Wants to Be Ambassador to France, stories by Bryan Hurt. Red Hen Press: $15.95 paper. 

  • Fifty Playwrights on Their Craft, interviews by Caroline Jester and Caridad Svich. Bloomsbury Publishing: $35.95 paper. 

  • A History of Too Much, poems by Adrianne Kalfopoulou. Red Hen Press: $17.95 paper. 

  • Daughter in Retrograde, a memoir by Courtney Kersten. University of Wisconsin Press: $24.95 paper. 

  • The Sound, new & selected poems by David Mason. Red Hen Press: $15.95 paper. 

  • I SHOULD BE WRITING, a writer’s workshop by Mur Lafferty. Rock Point Publishing: $16.99 paper. 

  • Conscience, a novel by Alice Mattison. Pegasus Books: $25.95 paper. 

  • Bridled, essays by Amy Meng. Louisiana State University Press: $17.95 paper. 

  • BECAUSE, a memoir by Joshua Mensch. W.W. Norton & Company: $22.95 paper. 

  • Ceremonial, poems by Carly Joy Miller. Orison Books: $16.00 paper. 

  • Fast into the Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and Their Journey North on the Iditarod Trail, a memoir by Debbie Clarke Moderow. Red Hen Press: $16.95 paper. 

  • Letters from a Young Father, poems by Edoardo Ponti. Red Hen Press: $16.95 paper. 

  • Ethics and Practice in Science Communication, edited by Susanna Priest, Jean Goodwin, and Michael F. Dahlstrom. University of Chicago Press: $40.00 paper. 

  • SELF-ish: A Transgender Awakening, a memoir by Chloe Schwenke. Red Hen Press: $17.95 paper. 

  • The Wilderness: New & Selected Poems, 1980-2016, by Maurya Simon. Red Hen Press: $18.95 paper. 

  • The Wall, poems by Ilan Stavans. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper. 

  • Buddha’s Dog & Other Meditations, essays by Ira Sukrungruang. University of Tampa Press: $16.00 paper.

  • Southern Tongues Leave Us Shining, poems by Mark Wagenaar. Red Hen Press: $17.95 paper. 

  • When We Were Ghouls, a memoir of ghost stories by Amy E. Wallen. University of Nebraska Press: $19.95 paper.

  • The Dean of Discipline, poems by Michael Waters. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper.


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