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Reprinted from the April 2020 issue of The Writer's Chronicle

  • Bring Now the Angels, poems by Dilruba Ahmed. University of Pittsburgh Press: $17.00 paper.

  • Let’s Become a Ghost Story, poems by Rick Bursky. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.

  • Welcome to Wherever We Are, a memoir by Deborah J. Cohan. Rutgers University Press: $26.95 paper.

  • Sisyphusina, cross-genre poetry, prose, and visual art by Shira Dentz. PANK Books: $16.00 paper.

  • Hitchcock Blonde: A Cinematic Memoir, by Sharon Dolin. Terra Nova Press: $26.95 paper.

  • Salmon Eaters to Sagebrushers: Washington’s Lost Literary Legacy, essays by Peter Donahue. Washington State University Press: $26.95 paper.

  • Drowning in the Floating World, by Meg Eden. Press 53: $14.95 paper.

  • Try to Get Lost, Essays on Travel and Place by Joan Frank. University of New Mexico Press: $19.95 paper.

  • Maids, prose poetry by Abby Frucht. Matter Press: $10.00 paper.

  • Brand New Spacesuit, poems by John Gallaher. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.

  • come see about me, marvn, poems by brian g. gilmore. Wayne State University Press: $16.99 paper.

  • Oceanography, stories by Jeremy Griffin. Orison Books: $18.00 paper.

  • These are Love(d) Letters, creative nonfiction by Ames Hawkins. Wayne State University Press: $21.99 paper.

  • Wild Persistence, poetry by Patricia Hooper. University of Tampa Press: $14.00 paper.

  • Dailiness: Essays on Poetry, by Mark Jarman. Paul Dry Books: $19.95 paper.

  • Gut Botany, poems by Petra Kuppers. Wayne State University Press: $16.99 paper.

  • Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott. Anchor Books: $16.00 paper.

  • Catechesis: a Postpastoral, poems by Lindsay Lusby. University of Utah Press: $14.95 paper.

  • River Teeth: 20 Years of Creative Nonfiction, edited by Joe Mackall and Daniel W. Lehman. University of New Mexico Press: $24.95 paper.

  • Naming the Leper, poems by Christopher Lee Manes. LSU Press: $19.95 paper.

  • Improvisation Without Accompaniment, poems by Matt Morton. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.

  • Rue, poems by Kathryn Nuernberger. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.

  • Further Up the Path, flash fables by Daniel Oz; translated by Jessica Cohen. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.

  • Year of the Dog, poems by Deborah Paredez. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.

  • The OK End of Funny Town, stories by Mark Polanzak. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.

  • Dæmon Voices: On Stories and Storytelling, by Philip Pullman. Vintage Books: $18.95 paper.

  • The Book of Daniel, poems by Aaron Smith. University of Pittsburgh Press: $17.00 paper.

  • Blessed as We Were: Late Selected and New Poems, 2000-2018, by Gerald Stern. W.W. Norton & Co.: $26.95 paper.

  • Pity the Reader: On Writing With Style, by Kurt Vonnegut and Suzanne McConnell. Seven Stories Press: $32.95 paper.

  • Joytime Killbox, stories by Brian Wood. BOA Editions: $17.00 paper.


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