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Reprinted from the March/April 2019 issue of The Writer's Chronicle

  • BLACK IS THE BODY: Stories from my Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine, by Emily Bernard. Alfred A. Knopf: $25.95 paper.

  • The Evolution of Love, a novel by Lucy Jane Bledsoe. Rare Bird Books: $16.95 paper.

  • Lava Falls: Stories by Lucy Jane Bledsoe. University of Wisconsin Press: $24.94 cloth.

  • Crude Angel, poems by Suzanne Cleary. BkMk Press: $13.95 paper.

  • Post-High School Reality Quest, a YA novel by Meg Eden. California Coldblood / Rare Bird Books: $14.95 paper.

  • Magical Realism for Non-Believers, a memoir by Anika Fajardo. University of Minnesota Press: $22.95 jacketed cloth.

  • The Orison Anthology, edited by Luke Hankins, Nathan Poole, and Karen Tucker. Orison Books: $18.00 paper.

  • The Mirrormaker, poems by Brian Laidlaw. Milkweed Editions: $16.00 paper.

  • Finding Your Way When Life Changes Your Plans, a memoir by V. Lakshmi. Citirine Publishing: $17.95 paper.

  • Strange Attractors: Lives Changed by Chance, edited by Edie Meiday and Emmalie Dropkin. University of Massachusetts Press: $22.95 paper.

  • Sweet Herbaceous Miracle, poems by Berwyn Moore. BkMk Press: $13.95 paper.

  • Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song, edited by Jim Perlman, Ed Folsom, and Dan Campion. Holy Cow! Press: $27.95 paper. 

  • A Cry in the Snow & Other Poems, by Stella Vinitchi Radulescu, translated by Luke Hankins. Seagull Books: $21.00 cloth.

  • Still Life with Mother and Knife, poems by Chelsea Rathburn. LSU Press: $18.95 paper.

  • Whispers from the Aural World, by Karolyn Redoute. Plain View Press: $14.95 paper.

  • Li Bai Rides a Celestial Dolphin Home, poetry by Tom Sexton. University of Alaska Press: $14.95 paper.

  • Premise of Light, poems by Judith Skillman. Tebot Bach: $16.00 paper.


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