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Reprinted from the February 2018 issue of The Writer's Chronicle

  • Time Beginnings, poems by James Applewhite. Louisiana State University Press: $21.95 paper.

  • The Arab’s Ox: Stories of Morocco, an anthology of stories edited by Tony Ardizzone. Bordighera Press: $18.00 paper. 

  • ASH ON WIND, poems by Sandra Berris. Muse Ink Press: $26 paper. 

  • Writing Abroad, a guide for travelers by Peter Chilson & Joanne B. Mulcahy. The University of Chicago Press: $22.50 paper. 

  • Ornaments, poems by David Daniel. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper. 

  • Street Calligraphy, poems by Jim Daniels. Steel Toe Books: $12.00 paper. 

  • Prison Industrial Complex Explodes, poems by Mercedes Eng. Talonbooks: $17.95 paper.

  • Liars, a novel by Steven Gillis. Rare Bird Books. $24.00 paper. 

  • A Casino Bestiary, poems by Denise Low. Spartan Press: $12.00 paper.

  • Moods of Poetry: A Guidebook for Writers & Readers, by Denise Low. Mammoth Publications: $16.95 paper. 

  • Wayside Sang, poems by Cecily Nicholson. Talonbooks: $16.95 paper.

  • Meet Behind Mars, stories by Renee Simms. Wayne State University Press: $18.99 paper. 

  • The Octaves, poems by David R. Slavitt. Louisiana State University Press: $21.95 paper. 

  • And There Was Evening, and There Was Morning, poems by Mike Smith. WTAW Press: $15.95 paper. 

  • Reveries of the Solitary Biker, poems by Catriona Strang. Talonbooks: $16.95 

  • full-metal indigiqueer, poems by Joshua Whitehead. Talonbooks: $18.95 paper.


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