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Reprinted from the May/Summer 2014 issue of the Writer's Chronicle

  • Scouting for the Reaper: Stories, by Jacob M. Appel. Black Lawrence: $16.00 paper.

  • The Promise of Hope: New and Selected Poems, 1964-2013, by Kofi Awoonor. University of Nebraska Press: $19.95 paper.

  • Moonbook and Sunbook, poems by Willis Barnstone. Tupelo Press: $16.95  paper.

  • Sestinas in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Carolyn Beard Whitlow and Marilyn Krysl. Dartmouth College: $27.95 paper.

  • Tiger Heron, poems by Robin Becker. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper.

  • A Berkshire Boyhood: Confessions and Reflections of a Baby Boomer, memoir by Robert J. Begiebing. Anaphora Literary Press: $20.00 paper.

  • Just Three Minutes, Please: Thinking Out Loud on Public Radio, essays by Michael Blumenthal. West Virginia University Press: $16.99 paper.

  • Writing Historical Fiction: A Writers’ & Artists’ Companion, by Celia Brayfield and Duncan Sprott. Bloomsbury: $24.95 paper.

  • Dear Stranger, poems by Jenny Browne. University of Tampa Press: $14.00 paper.

  • Darkened Rooms of Summer: New and Selected Poems, by Jared Carter. University of Nebraska: $18.95 paper.

  • Revising the Storm, poems by Geffrey Davis. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper.

  • Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education, edited by Jennifer De Leon. University of Nebraska Press: $25.00 paper.

  • How to Write & Give a Speech: A Practical Guide for Anyone Who Has to Make Every Word Count, by Joan Detz. St. Martin’s Press: $15.99 paper.

  • All You Ask for is Longing: New and Selected Poems, by Sean Thomas Dougherty. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper.

  • Pathways, poems by Madelyn Edelson and photography by Dency Kane. Beech Wind Press: $35.00 hardcover.

  • Hibernate, stories by Elizabeth Eslami. The Ohio State University Press: $24.95 paper.

  • Determinant, chapbook of poems by Alex Fabrizio. Kent State University Press: $7.00 paper.

  • The Blue Buick: New and Selected Poems, by B.H. Fairchild. W.W. Norton & Company. $26.95 cloth.

  • Madman at Kilifi, poems by Clifton Gachagua. University of Nebraska Press: $14.95 paper.

  • Living Color: Painting, Writing, And the Bones of Seeing, memoir/essay by Natalie Goldberg. STC Craft: $24.95 hardcover.

  • The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language, by Natalie Goldberg. Atria Books: $16.00 paper.

  • Pirates You Don’t Know, and Other Adventures in the Examined Life, collected essays by John Griswold. The University of Georgia Press: $19.95 paper.

  • Somewhere Near Defiance, poems by Jeff Gundy. Anhinga Press: $20.00 paper.

  • Into Daylight, poems by Jeffrey Harrison. Tupelo Press: $16.95 paper.

  • A Deeper Cut, novel by Sheri Wren Haymore. Wisdom House Books: $12.99 paper.

  • The Tulip-Flame, poems by Chloe Honum. Cleveland State University Poetry Center: $15.95 paper.

  • until the moon has its say, poems by Conrad Hilberry. Wayne State University Press: $15.99 paper.

  • Understanding Steven Millhauser, by Earl G. Ingersoll. University of South Carolina Press: $39.95 hardcover.

  • Out of Place, poems by Richard Jackson. Ashland Poetry Press: $15.95 paper.

  • Albedo, poems by Kathleen Jesme. Ahsahta Press: $18.00 paper.

  • Traceries, poems by Jean A. Kingsley. ABZ Books: $20.00 paper.

  • You Will Never See Any God, stories by Ervin D. Krause, ed. by Timothy Schaffert. University of Nebraska Press: $17.95 paper.

  • The Keys to the Jail, poems by Keetje Kuipers. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper.

  • NOW WRITE!: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, edited by Laurie Lamson. Tarcher/Penguin: $15.95 paper.

  • Last Call, poems by David Lee. Wings Press: $16.00 paper.

  • Bloom in Reverse, poems by Teresa Leo. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper.

  • The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to South Carolina Writers, edited by Tom Mack. University of South Carolina Press: $49.95 hardcover, $24.95 paper.

  • Hustle, poems by David Tomas Martinez. Sarabande Books: $14.95 paper.

  • The Dismal Science, novel by Peter Mountford. Tin House Books: $15.95 paper.

  • Know the Night: A Memoir of Survival in the Small Hours, by Maria Mutch. Simon & Schuster: $25.00 hardcover.

  • Mariguano, novel by Juan Ochoa. Texas Review Press: $16.95 paper.

  • Whose Flesh Is Flame, Whose Bone Is Time, poems by V. Penelope Pelizzon. Waywiser Press: $17.95 paper.

  • Limber, essays by Angela Pelster. Sarabande Books: $15.95 paper.

  • The Essential Hits of Shorty Bon Bon, poems by Willie Perdomo. Penguin: $18.00 paper.

  • Ten Thousand Waves, poems by Wang Ping. Wings Press: $16.00 paper.

  • The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre: An Anthology of Explorations in Creative Nonfiction, edited by Sean Prentiss and Joe Wilkins. Michigan State University Press: $22.95 paper.

  • Live in Love and Leave in Peace, how-to by Ram Ramakrishnan. Outskirts Press: $13.95 paper.

  • Big Bend, stories by Bill Roorbach. The University of Georgia Press: $19.95 paper.

  • Family Feeling: a novella & five stories, by Jean Ross Justice. Prairie Lights Books: $18.00 paper.

  • Between A and Z, poems by Mo H Saidi. Wings Press: $16.00 paper.

  • Second Line Home: New Orleans Poems, by Mona Lisa Saloy. Truman State University Press: $16.95 paper.

  • I Left My Wings on a Chair, chapbook of poems by Karen Schubert. Kent State University Press: $7.00 paper.

  • Beyond Fairy Tales: Poems in Concrete & Flesh, by Maureen A. Sherbondy. Main Street Rag: $14.00 paper.

  • You Animal Machine (The Golden Greek), an essay by Eleni Sikelianos. Coffee House Press: $16.95 paper.

  • How to Write a Chiller Thriller, by Sally Spedding. Compass Books: $24.95 paper.

  • The World Shared: Poems by Dariusz Sosnicki, translated by Piotr Florczyk and Boris Dralyuk. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper.

  • Creative Writing in the Community: A Guide, by Terry Ann Thaxton. Bloomsbury: $29.95 paper.

  • Elise Cowen: Poems and Fragments, edited by Tony Trigilio. Ahsahta Books: $28.00 paper.

  • Marta Oulie: A Novel of Betrayal, by Sigrid Undset and translated by Tiina Nunnally. University of Minnesota Press: $15.95 paper.

  • The Tao of Humiliation, stories by Lee Upton. BOA Editions: $16.00 paper.

  • Elsewhere, poetry anthology by Eliot Weinberger. Open Letter: $12.95 paper.

  • Sound of the Ax: Aphorisms and Poems by William Stafford, edited by Vincent Wixon and Paul Merchant. University of Pittsburgh Press: $15.95 paper.

  • Abide, poems by Jake Adam York. Southern Illinois University Press: $15.95 paper.

  • Into the Woods: A Five-Act Journey Into Story, on screenwriting by John Yorke. The Overlook Press: $28.95 hardcover.


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