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Seeking advice as you embark on a new career journey? AWP’s Career Corner presents topics to help you with your search. View the series below or on our YouTube channel.

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Collaborating with Other Writers for Cross-Promotion
Presenter: Meg Eden Kuyatt

Promoting your new book may feel overwhelming, which is why author Meg Eden Kuyatt suggests collaborating with other authors as an effective and efficient way to navigate this process. Watch now to gain strategies for collaboration and cross-promotion.

Previous Videos

  • Screenwriting for Literary Writers
    Presenter: A.J. Bermudez

    Want to take your writing to the screen but not sure where to start? Award-winning writer, director, and educator A.J. Bermudez presents an introduction to screenwriting, offering tips on craft, best practices, and professional notes.

  • The Curriculum Vitae
    Presenter: Cathy Day

    A curriculum vitae means “the course of my life” in Latin. Cathy Day, a Ball State University professor and the author of two books, will share how to craft a CV representing the arc of your professional career.

  • Making Your Living as a Technical Writer
    Presenter: Woody Lewis

    Why technical writing? Given the entry-level salaries for academic jobs these days, technical writing offers a measure of financial security and opportunities for advancement. MFA grad and tech writer Woody Lewis shares why today’s technology industry needs more talented creative writers.

  • Requesting Recommendation Letters
    Presenter: Cathy Day

    Letters of recommendation allow employers to understand who you are off the page. Who is telling your story? Cathy Day, a professor at Ball State University and the author of two books, presents advice about requesting LORs in creative writing.