Secret Ingredients for Cookbook Success

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

Sep 17 - Sep 20, 2018


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Delve into the nuts and bolts of cookbook writing as you learn to identify the elements that make a cookbook successful.

What, precisely, is involved in writing and publishing a cookbook? There is no single answer to this question; cookbook publishing is a big and complex subject. In this workshop, award-winning writer Deborah Madison illuminates the many facets of the process, both from her own perspective as an author and from the perspectives of publishers.

We address the proposal-writing process, discussing various books that illustrate the diverse approaches one can take to writing a cookbook. We also hear from local authors with different views on publishing—those who have worked with publishing houses big and small, as well as those who are self-published.

Whether you are a first time author of a cookbook or have several on your résumé, Deborah collaborates with you on your book idea, offering individual, one-on-one time if you wish. Participants are given the opportunity to contribute ideas and questions in class, a wonderful way to create community and learn from one another. On our last evening together, we each read a short piece we’ve written, sharing our work with participants from other writing workshops.


This program is open to writers of all levels.


Enrollment limited to 14 writers.


Add on-campus housing! A single room with private bath is $450 per person for five nights. Or share a double room, with private bath, with a friend for $300 per person for five nights.


Tuition includes a meal plan of breakfast and lunch Monday- Thursday, and a closing dinner on Thursday evening.


Featured Writers Include:

Deborah Madison


Creative nonfiction


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Santa Fe
New Mexico, United States

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