Mentor Information

Serve as a Mentor for New Writers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as an AWP mentor! We require that each mentor be an AWP member in good standing and have at least one published book. No formal teaching experience is required, but we do take into consideration an applicant's prior experiences as a mentor, teacher, or participant in writing groups and workshops.

If chosen as a mentor, you will choose between several applicants, and you will make a three-month commitment to your mentee. Together, you will determine whether phone, email, or a mix of communication styles would be the best way to complete a number of modules. We ask that mentors agree to be available for a minimum of two hours per month by phone. If email is preferred, you should expect no more than six per month, unless you make it clear that you are willing to do more.

When reviewing applications, we look for responses that demonstrate an understanding of the special nature of a good mentor-mentee relationship, and a willingness to be supportive, responsive, and receptive to learning from the experience. The more detailed you are in your responses to the questionnaire, the easier it will be for us to find great potential matches for you.

Mentors volunteer their time and receive a free one-year membership to AWP at the program’s conclusion.

For your reference, the questions on the mentor application appear below. We prefer to accept applications via Submittable. You may also download a .PDF version of the application at right and submit it by mail or email to

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Writer to Writer mentor!


These are the questions we ask mentors when they apply:

  1. While no formal teaching experience is required, please tell us about any background that you have with teaching, mentoring, or workshopping.
  2. New writers often tell us about the importance of connecting with other writers. What are some additional ways that you believe mentorships can be beneficial to today’s up-and-coming writers?
  3. In which areas do you feel that you are most qualified to provide guidance? (e.g.; publishing advice, manuscript review, career guidance)
  4. Is there a specific literary field (e.g.; travel writing, young adult fiction) or community (e.g.; LGBTQ writers, Chicano poets) to whom you can provide specific guidance?
  5. What do you hope to gain from a mentoring experience? What can AWP do to help you attain this goal?
  6. Did you have a mentor when you were a beginning writer? How did this experience help you along the way? If you did not have a mentor, how do you think having one would have influenced your experience?
  7. Describe a time when some aspect of your writing life was not going as hoped. Perhaps you were struggling to find balance, not meeting your goals, or having trouble finding an audience.
  8. What is the best advice that you have received about writing or publishing?
  9. What are you hoping to gain from your relationship with a mentee?
  10. Weekly, how much time do you anticipate spending on Writer to Writer? Include time spent both communicating with your mentee and preparing for those conversations.
  11. Describe your preferred method of communication (Skype, phone, email, etc.).
  12. How did you hear about Writer to Writer? If you were referred to the program, please provide the person's name.
Questions About Applying?