Short Guide to Requesting a Dossier

How to Make a Request

Step A

Before you request a mailing, you may need to check the contents of your file.  Please feel free to contact us at or call us at (703) 993-4304 for an updated list. You can also look at the PDF file attached to your most recent email confirmation: all your recent requests and a list of the contents of your file can be found there.

Step B

Send us an email with the following information:

  1. Position deadline and urgency of request (ASAP, Urgent/Rush)
  2. Receiving email or postal address—the email address or name, title, and postal address of the individual/search committee
  3. A list of the recommenders’ letters to be sent, indicated by their last names. If possible, please include the year each letter was written.
  4. School names of the transcripts and/or teaching evaluations to be sent
  5. Any special instructions

Here is an example of a single dossier request:

Step C

Once the request is filled, you will receive an email confirmation that the dossier has been mailed.  Typical response time for request fulfillment is 1 to 2 business days. This response time may be longer during our busy season, October through December. If for some reason the dossier fails to arrive, please contact us as soon as possible.

If your dossier must be sent immediately, you may make an urgent/rush request. Any time you request that your dossier be sent in less than 5 business days, you are making an urgent/rush request.


When Requesting Dossiers Sent to Multiple Addresses

If you know you will need a mailing sent to multiple addresses, it is best to make those requests at the same time and within the same email. An exception to this is rush requests. To separate urgent/rush requests and process them as quickly as possible, please send them independently.

Here is an example of a urgent multiple dossier request that requires identical documents be sent to each address:
Career Services Contact

Career Services Coordinator