Career Services FAQs

  1. How do I purchase a mailings package?

    You can buy a mailings package at our store. If you run out of mailings, you can either purchase a new package or pay individually for extra mailings for $5 each. For individual mailings, please call us with the credit card number and expiration date, and we will run the charge in the office. 

    Important Note: Any unused mailings will roll over as long as your membership is renewed before or at the time of expiration. If the membership is not renewed at that time, any unused mailings will be forfeited a year from their original date of purchase.

  2. Can I send you my credit card information by email?

    It is safer to make your purchases online in our store or to call us at (703) 993-4304 with your credit card information.

  3. Can recommenders email their letters to AWP?

    Absolutely! Recommendation letters can be sent by email as a PDF or Microsoft Word file to: or by postal mail to:
    AWP Career Services
    George Mason University 
    MSN 1E3
    Fairfax, VA 22030-4444

  4. Can you upload dossier materials for search committees using online application systems and other dossier services, such as Interfolio?

    Yes. We do all kinds of uploads. When making a request for a letter, enter your recommender’s name as usual, but for the contact email, use our address: You may also want to email us directly confirming which specific items you have selected for upload, as a check against the information the system/service provides to us.

    Special Note: Some systems will not let you enter separate recommender names, but if you email us directly with your chosen letters listed, we will upload them, even if we have to do it as one file of multiple letters.

  5. For billing purposes, do I pay for each item I mail out to a search committee, or will all the items sent to one address be treated as one delivery?

    Each group of items going to the same search committee will be charged the cost of one mailing, whether they are emailed, uploaded, or sent by USPS. The only exceptions to this rule are—

    • for postal mailings there is an extra charge when you go over 15 printed pages*
    • for requests that are fulfilled as RUSH or URGENT or requests that must be mailed Priority or FedEx, there will be an extra charge*
      *Please see pages 15-16 of your AWP Career Services Guide for more details.
  6. What materials should I have in my dossier file?

    We will accept the following documents for your file:

    • letters of recommendation
    • college and university transcripts
    • curriculum vitae or resume
    • teaching evaluations (tabulated statistical scores or summaries)
    We only need a single version of each document for your file, since we send materials as photocopies to prospective employers. Your file is confidential: only the AWP Career Services staff has access to your file, and only you may direct components of your file to prospective employers.

  7. What materials will AWP send out for me?
    • letters of recommendation
    • college and university transcripts
    • teaching evaluations (tabulated statistical scores or summaries)
  8. I can’t remember what items I already have on file! How can I find out?

    You can check the contents of your file at any time by emailing the Career Services department at or by calling us at (703) 993-4304.

  9. How long does it usually take to fulfill a request?

    Please allow up to 5 working days for a dossier request to be processed. We usually process requests within 2 working days, but during the peak applications season, October 15 through December 15, this is not always possible. If your dossier must be sent immediately, you may make an urgent/rush request. Any time you request that your dossier be sent in less than 5 working days (Monday through Friday), you are making an urgent/rush request.

  10. How will I know when a request has been fulfilled?

    Once the request is fulfilled, you will receive an email confirmation that the dossier materials have been sent. If you have not received a confirmation of receipt in four days, please contact us immediately.

  11. How will I know how many mailings I have left?

    The confirmation email you receive after your request is fulfilled (subject: “Your Dossier Has Been Sent!”) contains the number of mailings you have left as well as your membership expiration date.

  12. How long do you keep my materials on file and what is the cost?

    AWP keeps dossier materials forever or until you request their removal, even if your membership expires. All you need to do is update your general membership, and you will once again have access to the materials you have on file with us.

  13. Can I apply to fellowships and residencies through you?

    Absolutely! You may want to ask for a more specific letter from your recommenders for these types of applications.

  14. HELP! I can’t download the Career Services guide!

    Some individuals have issues with the PDF version of the Guide that is available on our website to logged-in members. Please contact us at, and we will mail you a Word version instead.

  15. I’m applying for fellowships, grants, and residencies as well as jobs. May I have references supply more than one letter and will I be able to choose which ones I want sent out?

    In most situations, it may be better to ask your recommender to provide a general letter that covers your creative work as well as your teaching, administrative, or editing ability, to whatever degree they know your talents. You can, however, ask your letter writers to create two or more separate letters for different types of applications: AWP will then code them in your file so you can request the correct letter for a specific application.

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