Institutional Membership for Creative Writing Programs

Formed in 1967 by fifteen writers representing thirteen writing programs, AWP provides essential support to creative writing programs. By joining AWP, your program will benefit from a lively network of writers, teachers, and fellow program directors. Our services will help you and your program provide the best possible education for your students. Among academic associations, AWP is extraordinary in that it provides so many benefits directly to students—access to The Writer’s Chronicle and an archive of more than 1,400 essays on the craft of writing, our Job List, the Writer’s Calendar, mentorship opportunities, and discounts to our annual conference & bookfair. AWP is also a key source of information for students choosing writing programs.

Institutional dues are based on the number of faculty and students you wish to have access to membership benefits. A discount applies for early renewals. To have AWP staff handle the online administrative functions of your membership for you, select the concierge rate checkbox when you join or renew an organizational membership. Institutional memberships run on an annual basis from August 1 through July 31.

Membership Rates for Creative Writing Programs

Number of faculty and students 2022-2023
Current Year Membership
Two Year Membership
Three Year Membership
Institutional - 1-20 Faculty and Students $500.00 $900.00 $1275.00
Institutional - 21-40 Faculty and Students $600.00 $1080.00 $1530.00
Institutional - 41-60 Faculty and Students $700.00 $1260.00 $1785.00
Institutional - 61-80 Faculty and Students $790.00 $1422.00 $2014.50
Institutional - 81-100 Faculty and Students $870.00 $1566.00 $2218.50
Institutional - 101-120 Faculty and Students $940.00 $1692.00 $2397.00
Institutional - 121-140 Faculty and Students $1000.00 $1800.00 $2550.00
Institutional - 141-160 Faculty and Students $1060.00 $1908.00 $2703.00
Institutional - 161-180 Faculty and Students $1120.00 $2016.00 $2856.00
Institutional - 181-200 Faculty and Students $1180.00 $2124.00 $3009.00
Institutional - 201-220 Faculty and Students $1240.00 $2232.00 $3162.00
Affiliate - Up to 10 Members $295.00 $531.00 $752.25
High School - Up to 10 Members $200.00 $360.00 $510.00

Creative Writing Program Membership Benefits

Faculty and students who belong to AWP member institutions receive the following benefits and services:

  • Access to The Writer's Chroniclefor students and faculty, including a searchable archive of more than 1,400 articles.
  • Access to the members-only content on our website, including:
    • our Directory of Members.
    • our Opportunities page which features information on literary events, publishing opportunities, grants, and awards
    • comprehensive information about writing programs, conferences, and colonies.
    • the Job List, which offers listings of academic and nonacademic jobs and internships for writers.
  • An entry in the AWP Guide to Writing Programs that indicates your program is a member of AWP. Member program listings contain an in-depth program description and accompanying images. A member listing in the Guide is the most effective way to promote your program among prospective students.
  • Promotion of your program in:
  • Participation in the AWP Program Directors' Meeting, which convenes at the annual conference. The meeting provides program directors with a forum to share information.
  • Participation in the Intro Journals Project, a venue for publishing the best student work from our member programs.
  • A 50% discount on AWP Award Series entry fees for your faculty and students.
  • Member discounts for your faculty and students on registrations to AWP’s Annual Conference & Bookfair.
  • Eligibility for students and faculty to participate in AWP’s Writer to Writer Mentorship Program, a free service that pairs new and established writers.
  • A member discount on advertising rates in The Writer’s Chronicle and on our website.
  • Advocacy to support professional standards and fair treatment of creative writing faculty and programs.
  • Technical assistance and support toward the development of your writing program.
  • A network that supports writers, the art of writing, and contemporary literature. AWP works with other organizations to support freedom of expression, public funding for the arts, high standards in education, fair tax laws for authors, and other policies helpful to writers, publishers, teachers, and readers.