R239. Together with All That Could Happen: A Teaching Roundtable

Marquis Salon 12 & 13, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two
Thursday, February 9, 2017
3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


Writing and teaching fiction is a recursive process misrepresented somewhat by the conventional language of pedagogy, especially the somewhat cryptic term “teaching philosophy,” which for young teachers necessarily implies that conception and method precede experience. On this panel, experienced teachers and theorists of creative writing craft discuss distinct pedagogical and theoretical viewpoints and how they came to form them.



Hugh Sheehy is the author of The Invisibles, which won the 2012 Flannery O'Connor Award. He teaches at Ramapo College, in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Michael Martone teaches writing at the university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He writes himself as well, mostly about himself, Indiana, and being born there, and about writing and writing about writing.

David Jauss is the author of three books of short fiction, most recently Glossolalia: New & Selected Stories; two books of poetry; and a collection of essays on the craft of fiction, Alone with All That Could Happen. He teaches in the MFA in Writing Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Josh Russell is the director of the creative writing program and professor of English at Georgia State University. He's published three novels and more than seventy stories and essays, and has been teaching creative writing since 1999 at Florida, Tulane, and GSU, where he's been since 2004.

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