S236. Creating Space for Marginalized Voices: How to Create a Diverse Programming Lineup

Marquis Salon 6, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two
Saturday, February 11, 2017
3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


What does it take to execute a literary event that reflects diversity? What does it take to be truly inclusive as a festival organizer, literary event programmer, or publishing professional? Join the organizers of Canada's inaugural Festival of Literary Diversity in discussion with publishing professionals on how to promote and support a diverse lineup of authors. Discover how targeted initiatives and intentional approaches can effectively address the diversity gaps in the publishing industry.



Jael Richardson is the author of The Stone Thrower memoir and children's book based on her relationship with her father, legendary quarterback Chuck Ealey. Richardson lives in Brampton, Ontario where she serves as the artistic director for the Festival of Literary Diversity.

Léonicka Valcius is a Toronto-based publishing professional who advocates for inclusion and equity in Canadian literature. She is the chair of the FOLD Foundation and the founder of DiverseCanLit.

Kathleen Fraser is a Montreal-based production editor and the managing editor of Plenitude magazine, a queer literary digital publication.

Nailah King is a member of the Room editorial collective. She is also a writer, avid reader, and blogger. A UBC alumnae, she is currently working on completing a thus far untitled manuscript in prose fiction.

Bänoo Zan is a poet and poetry curator. Songs of Exile, is her collection of her poems. A second collection, Letters to My Father, is forthcoming. She is the founder of Shab-e She’r (Poetry Night), the most diverse poetry reading and open mic series in Toronto.


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