Finding Your Own Rhythm: Writing Practices For Neurodiverse/Disabled Writers

Room 2104A, Kansas City Convention Center, Street Level
Thursday, February 8, 2024
10:35 am to 11:50 am


It's not always possible for neurodivergent writers or those with physical or mental disabilities to follow popular writing advice. This group of authors shares strategies and workarounds that have helped them research, complete, revise, and submit writing projects. They will also address ways to maintain professional relationships when attending events or communicating with others is challenging—and urge the publishing and literary worlds to equitably include the disabled and neurodiverse.

Outline & Supplemental Documents

Event Outline: Finding_Our_Own_Rhythms__Writing_Practices_for_the_Neurodiverse_and_Disabled_(1).pdf



Lori Lynne Armstrong writes poetry and prose about mental health, addiction, and living with disabilities. She is influenced by her background as scientist, counselor, and patient, having earned bachelor's and master's degrees in molecular biology as well as a master's in counseling psychology.

Vayl Larkin is a trans, wheelchair-modded writer and performer living in Pittsburgh. They've published work from poetry to theater, and they are a frequent feature at accessible literary events. Their focus on access and inclusion includes a position on an advisory board for Allegheny Health Network.

Mira Hadlow is a deaf Canadian author, thought leader, and advocate for personal power. Since the publication of her first book, she has amassed a cult following on social media, and drawing on her experience with domestic violence, Mira uses her platform to empower survivors.

Using her poetry collection, Stop Hurting and Dance, and her performance art workshop, “From a Victim to a Thriving Survivor: Learning How to Revive the Soul,” award-winning poet, author, and journalist Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross honors what it means to live with resilience, love, and prosperity.

Anita Cameron has addressed disability rights for outlets including Yahoo! Voices, The Mobility Resource, and Huffington Post. She’s included in Zinn's Voices of a People's History of the United States, cited in a 2019 National Council on Disability report, and has an upcoming disability-themed kids’ book.


February 7–10, 2024
Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Convention Center