"With Anger and Tenderness": A Reading by Mother Poets

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Mother-poets read from their work that touches on contradictory affects, including the maternal anger and tenderness that Adrienne Rich described. One poet addresses unspoken challenges and fears of motherhood along with what it means to be a parent with mental health issues. Another poet shares visual quilt poems with a nod to the history of women’s work. One of our poets explores issues of exile, immigration, and trauma as a mother and daughter. One poet confronts climate change as a mother.

This event has been prerecorded, and will be available to watch on-demand online from March 8, 2023 to April 8, 2023.

Outline & Supplemental Documents

Event Outline: AWP_Outline.pdf



Hannah Baker Saltmarsh is a poet, literary critic, and educator. A mother of three, she lives in Iowa with her family. An assistant professor of English at Mount Mercy University, Hannah has published a book of poems, Hysterical Water (Univ. of Georgia Press, 2021).

Meghan Vesper is a poet, mother, and occupational therapist who lives in Columbus, Ohio. She received her MFA from the University of Maryland and her MOT from The Ohio State University.

Isadora Grevan (originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a mother, poet, and an assistant professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Rutgers University, Newark. Her first book, O Fetiche como Estrutura, Imagem e Performance no Teatro de Nelson Rodrigues, was published in December 2021.

Sarah Antine is a poet and mother who lives in Potomac, Maryland. She works as the director of the DLGJC Arts Center and as a chaplain intern at MGUH in Washington, DC. Her poems have appeared in The Ekphrastic Review, TERcets podcast, The Journal, pms, Poetica, Torah: A Women's Commentary, and others.


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