F302. Social Media Strategies for Diverse Authors and Multicultural Books

D131-132, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1
Friday, March 29, 2019
4:30 pm to 5:45 pm


Social media marketing is an amazing asset to leverage for any author, but most especially authors who have been often marginalized or stereotyped in either their personal lives or within books. The key to creating a positive cultural change in the literary landscape is to ensure that all facets of promoting one’s writing and books can connect with people on different levels. Find help here on how to navigate the nuances of different social media platforms for underrpresented authors and books.



Afshan Malik is an author, social media consultant, and nonprofit grad student working towards using literature as a means of spiritual growth. She provides a platform for women to help see their own narrative in the literary landscape through her work at Daybreak Press, an indie publishing company.


Tayyaba Syed is an award-winning author who has written for more than twenty publications, including Encyclopedia Britannica. As a journalist, her byline has been in several outlets, including NPR. She works for Daybreak Press, formulated curriculum for Whitestone Foundation's Author Development Program, and performs as a fun storyteller.

Nusaiba is an emerging writer and performer based in Minnesota. She recently graduated with an MA in Gender Studies with Special Reference to the Middle-East from SOAS. She exists in the world as a part of the current Syrian Diaspora.She's performed with Borderland Asia and Catherine's Monologues.


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