S175. Explorations of Insidiousness: Writing Complicated Political Realities

Florida Salon 6, Marriott Waterside, Second Floor
Saturday, March 10, 2018
12:00 pm to 1:15 pm


Race, gender, genre, the border, the city, the home. Just as one category seeking to to organize human beings is dismantled, another appears. As one pillar is toppled, a more invisible one is erected in its place. Insidiousness is oil in the engines that power late capitalism. Panelists read new work in which they explore and expose the insidious nature of social constructions within the United States in order to contribute to a larger discourse on the writing and politics in the 21st century.



Sarah Vap is the author of five collections of poetry and poetics. Her most recent book is Viability.

Diana Arterian is the author of Playing Monster :: Seiche, the chapbooks With Lightness & Darkness and Death Centos, and coeditor of Among Margins: Critical & Lyrical Writing on Aesthetics. She's a poetry editor at Noemi Press and is earning her PhD in literature and creative writing at USC.

Douglas Manuel received a BA from Arizona State University and a MFA from Butler University. He is a fellow at the University of Southern California where he is pursuing a PhD in literature and creative writing. His first full length collection of poems, Testify, was released by Red Hen Press.

Todd Fredson is the author of the poetry collections Century Worm and The Crucifix-Blocks and translator of Josué Guébo’s My Country, Tonight, and Think of Lampedusa.

Dexter L. Booth is the author of the poetry collection, Scratching the Ghost. His poems have been published in Blackbird, Willow Springs, Virginia Quarterly, and elsewhere. Booth is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern California.


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