2007 Intro Journals Project Winners

Intro Journals Winners: Poetry

Selected by G.C. Waldrep

  • “About Crows”
    Craig Blais, Wichita State University
    Haydens Ferry Review

  • “Propaganda Suite”
    MC Hyland, The University of Alabama
    Colorado Review

  • “Lipping Chocolate Cigarettes, the Mathematician Shakes a Fist”
    Matthew Corey, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Puerto del Sol

  • “Ramadan Aubade”
    Tarfia Faizullah, Virginia Commonwealth University
    Mid-American Review

  • “The Wheels in Your Perfect Bones
    Miles Fuller, Westminster College
    Quarterly West

  • “Marshland”
    Alex Quinlan, Washington University
    Tampa Review

  • “Forgiveness”
    Mathias Svalina, University of Nebraska
    Artful Dodge

  • “Filter”
    Amanda Cobb, West Virginia University
    C O N T R O L L E D B U R N

Honorable Mention

  • “On the Stoop”
    Corey Zeller, Penn State Erie

  • “The Last Living Castrato Speaks”
    Kristen Fisher, Western Kentucky University

  • “Apology to Meditation
    Carrie Oeding, Ohio University

  • “A Horrible Flood of Lava”
    Zachary Schomburg, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Intro Journals Winners: Fiction

Selected by Audrey Petty

  • “People Are”
    Nancy Mays, University of Missouri- Kansas City
    Mid-American Review

  • “Falling Man”
    Shawn Vestal, Eastern Washington University

  • Quarterly West
    Marion Wyce, Rutgers-Camden University

  • “Loss Prevention”
    Puerto del Sol

  • “The Subject of their Absence”
    Beth Kaufka, Bowling Green State University
    Colorado Review

Honorable Mention

  • “The Deaf Girl”
    Karen Brown, University of South Florida

  • “Finishing Touches”
    Jenna Williams, University of Montana – Missoula

  • “Nak-hwa-am”
    Kari Jones, University of Oregon

  • “Jan Palach in Prague”
    Caitlin Horrocks, Arizona State University

Intro Journals Winners: Nonfiction

Selected by Fleda Brown

  • “Our Most Segregated Hour”
    Erin E. Tocknell, West Virginia University
    Tampa Review

  • “Oligarchies I Have Known”
    Thomas Peele, University of San Fransisco
    Controlled Burn

  • “On Trembling”
    Stephen David Grover, Brigham Young University
    Artful Dodge

Honorable Mention

  • “Marathon, Ohio”
    Alan Rossi, Jr., University of Southern Mississippi

  • “Learning to Talk”
    Patricia Henritze, Kennesaw State University

  • “Olympic Hopefuls”
    Bronson Lemer, Minnesota State University

  • “Flight Pattern”
    Andrew Michael Roberts, University of Massachusetts