2010 Intro Journals Project Winners

Intro Journals Winners: Poetry

Selected by Lynn Powell

  • “Maidens in the Queen’s Court of Immortality”
    Corinna McClanahan Schroeder, Univ. of Mississippi
    Tampa Review

  • “Bellaghy”
    Michelle Hicks, UNC-Chapel Hill
    Colorado Review

  • “The Edge of Reason”
    Kathryn Nuernberger, Ohio Univ.
    Artful Dodge

  • “Wet Field”
    Jenna Bazzell, Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale
    Hayden’s Ferry Review

  • “The Good Girl”
    Hilary S. Jacqmin, Univ. of Florida
    C O N T R O L L E D B U R N

  • “No One Will Find Us”
    Louisa Diodato, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
    Puerto Del Sol

  • “Bone Hunting”
    Katharine Ogle, Univ. of Washington
    Quarterly West

  • “Collegiate Bible Study”
    Stephen Krewson, Univ. of Pennsylvania
    Mid-American Review

Honorable Mention

  • “Reductio ad Absurdum”
    Melissa Guzman, Davidson College

  • “If You Were a Woman, We Wouldn’t Be Friends”
    Jordan Hanson, Creighton Univ.

  • “Chemistry”
    Avni Vyas, Florida State Univ.

  • “Insomniac’s Nocturne”
    Jennifer Moore, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

Intro Journals Winners: Fiction

Selected by Crystal Wilkinson

  • “Ice Storm”
    Phillip Ortmann, Pennsylvania State Univ.
    C O N T R O L L E D B U R N

  • “With Consideration and Care”
    Michael Wang, Purdue Univ.
    Hayden’s Ferry Review

  • “When the Rains Came”
    Melissa Lambert, Lesley Univ.
    Colorado Review

  • “First-Order Differential Equations”
    Sara Joy Culver, Univ. of Minnesota
    Puerto Del Sol

  • “Normandy Park”
    Jaquira Díaz, Univ. of South Florida
    Quarterly West

Honorable Mention

  • “The Lady in the Black Hat”
    Kerry Cullen, Loyola Univ. New Orleans

  • “The Old Ones and the Graves”
    Esther Harder, Chatham Univ.

  • “Gun, Rainbow, Husband, Key”
    Amira Pierce, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

  • “Female Explosion Syndrome”
    Jessica Forcier, Southern Connecticut State Univ.

Intro Journals Winners: Creative Nonfiction

Selected by Sonya Huber

  • “Exorcism”
    Dana Norris, Northwestern Univ.
    Tampa Review

  • “Residual Value”
    Sheila Stuewe, Vermont College of Fine Arts
    Artful Dodge

  • “Why Burning Man Won’t Fix Your Shattered Self-Esteem”
    Nicole Sheets, Univ. of Utah
    Mid-American Review

Honorable Mention

  • “There is Something You Should Know”
    Colin Bassett, Washington Univ. St. Louis

  • “Tearing”
    Eliese Collette Goldbach, Cleveland State Univ.

  • “Marko”
    Nikolina Kulidžan, San Jose State Univ.

  • “Buck Fork Funeral”
    Colleen Clayton-Dippolito, Kent State Univ.