2024 AWP Intro Journals Project Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 AWP Intro Journals Project! Winners were selected by Celeste Chan (creative nonfiction), Marcela Fuentes (fiction), and Benin Lemus (poetry). Keep an eye on our social media channels for more details on which issues include the winning pieces.

2024 Creative Nonfiction Winner
Selected by Celeste Chan
Michael Chapin
Davidson College
Tampa Review
"My Identity Is Disputed Territory"
Maggie Dressler
Penn State University Park
Reed Magazine
"Camden County Folk Medicine"
Nina King Sannes
University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign
Colorado Review
"Buffy Knew Something about the Dark"
Beth Ward
University of Georgia
Iron Horse Literary Review
2024 Fiction Winners
Selected by Marcela Fuentes
Simon Graham
University of Washington–Seattle
Puerto del Sol
"El Luchador"
Natalia Martinez
Florida International University
Mid-American Review
"Mother to Mother"
Rashmitha Muniandi
University of Massachusetts
Hayden’s Ferry Review
Hanna Reynditskiy
College of Charleston
Quarterly West
2024 Poetry Winners
Selected by Benin Lemus
"Work Experience"
Claire Benevento
University of Missouri–Kansas City
Tampa Review
"Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace"
Em Bober
University of Montana
Mid-American Review
"Threnody Humming during Dinnertime"
Jordan E. Franklin
Binghamton University
Hayden’s Ferry Review
"Ode to Kisses"
Hailey Gross
San Diego State University
Iron Horse Literary Review
"Gallery Girl"
Jules Miller
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Quarterly West
Nyds Rivera
Rowan University
Colorado Review
"The Telugu Word for Home Sounds like Illness"
Tejaswini Sudhakar
Indiana University
Reed Magazine
"Broken Sonnet After a Girl Tells Me to Write More Poems about Tomatoes"
Caitie Young
Kent State University
Puerto del Sol
2024 Honorable Mentions
Creative Nonfiction "Breaking the Cycle"
Diana Braskich, Central Washington University
"Born for This"
Molly Higgins, University of Missouri–Kansas City
"Eulogy for the Woman Still Alive"
Brooke Mitchell, Susquehanna University
"Girl Fire"
Kat Moore, University of North Texas
"Nineteen Insecurities as Exposed by the Harsh Glare of a Dentist’s Operating Light"
Zainab Omaki, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
"Unfinished Foxes"
Lindsey Pharr, Spalding University
"Prank Calls with My Mother"
Gage Saylor, Oklahoma State University
Fiction "Dead Things"
Samuel Ekanem, Notre Dame University
Rebecca Fishow, University of Illinois Chicago
"Like Coyotes"
Alison Littman, San Francisco State University
"The Birthday Party"
Sunny Rosen, Louisiana State University
Poetry "The Burden of Representation"
Aliah Fabros, Point Loma Nazarene University
Ruby Gutierrez, Santa Clara University
Kabel Mishka Ligot, University of Illinois Chicago
"Elegy to My Mother’s Breasts"
Meg McManama, University of North Texas
"pantoum for little black girls & the black women they leave behind"
Makayla Thomas, Hiram College
"In My Garden"
Maggie Warren, University of Missouri–Kansas City
"Family of Fine Cars"
Isaac Willis, University of Utah
Morissa Young, University of North Carolina Wilmington