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Allison Coffelt

Allison Coffelt

Fall 2014 Session

Allison Coffelt ( is a graduate student in Creative Nonfiction at the University of Missouri. She has a particular interest in writing on social justice and sense of place. Allison's work is forthcoming in the Crab Orchard Review as a finalist in the John Guyon Literary Nonfiction Prize and has appeared in the museum of americanaPrick of the Spindle, and The Higgs Weldon humor website. You can find her on Twitter at @allisoncoffelt.

Allison worked with writer Jen Hirt.

“In the Writer to Writer mentorship program, I was reminded of the wider web of writers. We're all a part of it, this coagulation of people putting words down on a page, but sometimes writing can feel so lonely. Working with someone at a different stage of her career in a different city, who was doing things just differently enough, didn't only teach me about writing. I remembered the community around me. And the fact that yes, people have been here before.”

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