AWP Joins the Human Artistry Campaign; Stands in Support of the WGA Strike

May 3, 2023

As writers grow concerned for their livelihoods, AWP joins the Human Artistry Campaign and stands in support of the Writer's Guild of America Strike. These are two key issues related to the increasing threats regarding copyright and equitable treatment of writers and artists.


The Human Artistry Campaign and the Protection of Intellectual Property


AWP has joined the Human Artistry Campaign, a coalition of associations, trade unions, and other professionals protecting the rights of creators across the globe. The campaign promotes responsible use of artificial intelligence to support but not supplant human creation. Its basic tenets are as follows:

  1. Technology has long empowered human expression, and AI will be no different.
  2. Human-created works will continue to play an essential role in our lives. 
  3. Use of copyrighted works, and use of the voices and likenesses of professional performers, requires authorization, licensing, and compliance with all relevant state and federal laws.
  4. Governments should not create new copyright or other IP exemptions that allow AI developers to exploit creators without permission or compensation.
  5. Copyright should only protect the unique value of human intellectual creativity.
  6. Trustworthiness and transparency are essential to the success of AI and protection of creators. 
  7. Creators’ interests must be represented in policymaking.

AWP’s mission is to amplify the voices of writers and the academic programs and organizations that serve them while championing diversity and excellence in creative writing. We believe that we must fiercely protect the intellectual property and livelihood of writers, which is why we urge our members to also sign the Human Artistry Campaign petition.


AWP Stands with the WGA


The increase we are seeing in the use of AI technology also presents a danger of writers losing work and pay to AI.  This is just one issue represented in the current strike by the Writers Guild of America. AWP affirms its support of the WGA’s strike and its efforts to regulate AI’s use as literary or source material, as well as its demands for a more equitable pay structure for its writers.

AWP stands in solidarity with those writers fighting for fair treatment in the entertainment industry. We invite our members to read more about the strike and how you can help.

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