A Note from AWP Staff

March 5, 2020

Dear #AWP20 Participants,

How grateful we are that you are here with us in beautiful San Antonio. In these uncertain times we are now the “no handshake” conference, but we are bumping elbows, high-fiving the air, and discovering how many creative ways there are to say hello. We are small but mighty. There are fewer of us, but those that are here—and that means you—are putting your heart and soul into this. We encourage you to stay up to date on changes to the schedule by consulting our online schedule.

Our hope is that these changes may mean that you discover writers, subjects, literatures you didn’t know before. We hope you are having the chance to slow down, have great conversations, meet fellow writers you didn’t know you needed in your life but do.  We had all planned a different conference, but sometimes the most transformational life moments happen when the best-laid plans go astray. We are so happy you are joining us for #AWP20.



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