The Paris Review Names Vijay Seshadri as Poetry Editor

August 7, 2019

Vijay SeshadriRecently, The Paris Review  released a statement announcing that acclaimed poet Vijay Seshadri will take over as the magazine’s newest Poetry Editor. Seshadri will serve as the twelfth Poetry Editor in the magazine’s sixty-six years of existence.

“It is a wonderful and unique privilege to join the distinguished line of Paris Review poetry editors,” Seshadri said. “It is also an exciting privilege. All the questions that can be asked about poetry—about its form, purpose, scope—are more bristling and pressing now in America than they have been since the sixties. Anyone who loves the art should love the opportunity that the Paris Review poetry editorship offers to mediate the conversations between individual poets and the culture at large, especially in this watershed historical moment.”

Seshadri’s selection comes at the end of a yearlong program in which he, along with poets Monica Youn, Shane McCrae, and Henri Cole, served as guest Poetry Editors. The four poets each curated the poetry for the four respective issues that year. “The dynamism of it was exciting, but I am also thrilled to grow the magazine’s poetry program with Vijay,” said Emily Nemens, Editor of The Paris Review, who first came up with the program. “Already he has demonstrated intelligence, enthusiasm, and empathy in his editing, and I know he’ll take the magazine’s poetry to new heights.”

Vijay Seshadri joins a venerated list of past editors, including Donald Hall, Patricia Storace, Dan Chiasson, Charles Simic, and others.

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