zTrip is Recommended Transportation Partner for #AWP24

September 21, 2023

As part of AWP’s mission to create a safe and inclusive conference, we are partnering with zTrip to offer a safer alternative to other ride share services at #AWP24 in Kansas City. zTrip is an on-demand taxi service based in Kansas City that combines the convenience of an app-based ride share service with the safety of full-time, background checked drivers. AWP met with zTrip national and local leadership to express our attendees’ concerns about safe transportation and to learn more about the benefits zTrip has to offer.

All zTrip drivers receive thirty hours of in-person training prior to driving for zTrip, including sensitivity training. All zTrip cars are equipped with forward and interior facing cameras, and zTrip provides a 24/7 live customer service hotline to provide quick solutions should a passenger have a negative experience on their ride. When a passenger reports an incident, the driver is immediately removed from service while zTrip investigates.

Unlike other rideshares, zTrip tries to cultivate building and maintaining relationships between drivers and passengers, and encourage riders to request specific drivers who they had a good experience within the past. When requesting a ride, passengers can select their favorite drivers or mark their preferred drivers in the app.

Over twenty-five percent of zTrip’s fleet in Kansas City are wheelchair accessible making it easy to request an accessible ride over the phone or through the app. All drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles are trained on how to safely load mobility aids and assist passengers with disabilities. If you would like to pre-arrange accessible travel over the days of the conference, please email Nicole Cippola at ncippola@ztrip.com.


Download the app, book a ride online, or call 855-699-8747 for a Pickup!


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