Philip Roth to Appear on The Colbert Report After Announcing His Retirement

June 2, 2014

Philip Roth Though Philip Roth recently announced his retirement not only from writing but also from interviews and all other things related to his writing career, he is scheduled to appear in July on The Colbert Report as a part of the “cOlbert Book Club” (though a specific date has not yet been set). According to a Colbert Report spokesperson, the entire episode will be devoted to Roth and his achievements. Roth’s career began with the 1959 novella, Goodbye Columbus. His last book Nemesis was published in 2010. Among his many well-known works are the Zuckerman novels, which include The Ghost Writer, Zuckerman Unbound, American Pastoral, and The Human Stain.

Philip Roth has won two National Book Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, The Man Booker International, a National Medal of the Arts, and the Prix Medicis Etranger, among many others. Roth’s appearance will be the last installment of the “cOlbert Book Club”, as the talk show’s host is leaving to take over David Letterman’s spot on CBS in early 2015.


More info: , The New York Times

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