On Demand Books to Become Major Presence

September 19, 2012


On Demand Books, makers of the Espresso Book Machine, has partnered with Eastman Kodak and ReaderLink Distribution Services. Currently, the Espresso can only be found in a few bookstores and libraries throughout the nation, but this partnership promises to make on-demand book printing paired with the Kodak Picture Kiosk available at approximately 105,000 new locations worldwide. The partnership with ReaderLink, a major distributor of books in North America, will bring 24,000 more book machines. New locations will include retailers that already have Kodak Picture Kiosks and also drugstores, supermarkets, and stores such as Walmart and Target. On Demand Books already boasts a catalog of over seven million books, and will work with ReaderLink to expand that number.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with ReaderLink and our publisher partners to bring a broad list of book titles to Kodak’s vast, worldwide retail footprint,” said Dane Neller, CEO of On Demand Books. “We envision an integrated solution that can substantially redefine the publishing industry and bring exciting new solutions to customers.”

Neller said consumers will be able to walk into a store, select a title for print, and pick it up by the time they’re finished shopping. He added that the presence of on-demand book printing will not challenge the future of brick-and-mortar bookstores, saying he anticipates some overlap, but that customers who go to bookstores will still go to bookstores.

“This is part of the digital transfer going on in the media space,” he told Huffington Post. “Content is going directly to the consumer, via the Kindle or in print via our machines. We’re bypassing the traditional supply chains.”

On Demand is currently busy testing and preparing its software and hardware for the big change. Launch is expected in 2013, but Neller suggests that an earlier launch is not unlikely.

Sources: Publishers Weekly and Huffington Post

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