Ms. Danielle Hedlund

Colorado, United States

Member Since: 01/09/2017

D.M. Hedlund published her first novel, Threads of Deception, at the age of eighteen. Experiencing the difficulties of breaking into the market, she founded Tethered by Letters (TBL) in 2007 to help other new writers perfect and publish their works. Offering free writing coaching, editing, and publishing guidance, Hedlund expanded TBL into a global community of writers, editors, and artists. In 2010, she pushed the company to new heights, creating TBL's literary journal, Tethered by Letters Quarterly Literary Journal which has since evolved into F(r)iction Series (published by Sheridan Press), a literary and art collection that tests the boundaries of conventional storytelling. Hedlund continues to write, publishing several short stories and works of creative nonfiction. Her new novel is threatening to kill her, but she's confident she can type it into submission.


Twitter Username: @DMHedlund