Rodrigo Toscano

Louisiana, United States

Member Since: 01/11/2011

Rodrigo Toscano is a poet and essayist based in New Orleans. He is the author of ten books of poetry. His latest book is The Charm & The Dread (Fence Books, 2021). His previous books include In Range, Explosion Rocks Springfield, Deck of Deeds, Collapsible Poetics Theater (a National Poetry Series selection), To Leveling Swerve, Platform, Partisans, andThe Disparities. His poetry has appeared in over 20 anthologies, including Best American Poetry and Best American Experimental Poetry (BAX).  Toscano has received a New York State Fellowship in Poetry. He won the Edwin Markham 2019 prize for poetry. He works for the Labor Institute in conjunction with the United Steelworkers, the National Institute for Environmental Health Science, National Day Laborers Organizing Network, and northwest tribes (Umatilla, Cayuse, Yakama) working on educational / training projects that involve environmental and labor justice culture transformation.







Twitter Username: @Toscano200


  • The Charm & The Dread , Fence Books (November 3, 2021)
  • In Range , Counterpath Books (September 1, 2019)
  • Explosion Rocks Springfield , Fence Books (February 4, 2016)
  • Deck of Deeds , Counterpath Press (January 2012)
  • Collapsible Poetics Theater , Fence Books (January 2008)
  • To Leveling Swerve , Krupskaya Books (January 2004)
  • Platform , Atelos Press (January 2003)
  • The Disparities , Green Integer (January 2002)
  • Partisans , O Books (January 1999)


  • Edwin Markham Prize for Poetry(2019)
  • New York Foundation for the Arts(2005)
  • National Poetry Series(2007)

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