Adam Vines

Alabama, United States

Member Since: 08/22/2012

Adam Vines is an assistant professor of English at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he is editor of Birmingham Poetry Review. He has published poems in Poetry, Southwest Review, The Kenyon Review, Gulf Coast, Measure, The Hopkins Review, Subtropics, The Literary Review, The Cincinnati Review, among others. He is the author of Out of Speech (LSU Press, 2018) and The Coal Life (University of Arkansas Press, 2012) and coauthor with Allen Jih of Day Kink (Unicorn Press, 2018) and According to Discretion (Unicorn Press, 2015).  The Alabama State Council on the Arts awarded him a 2013 Individual Artist Fellowship. During the summers, he is on faculty at the Ada Long Creative Writing Workshop for high school students and is on staff at The Sewanee Writers’ Conference.



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