Mr. Jeremy Broyles

Arizona, United States

Member Since: 01/27/2019

Jeremy Broyles is an Arizona native, originally from the Cottonwood-Jerome-Sedona high desert. He earned his B.A. from Doane College, now University, his M.A. from Northern Arizona University, and his MFA in fiction from Wichita State University. He is a professor with nearly twenty years of experience teaching in higher education, and he currently serves as the creative writing program director at Mesa Community College where he has taught since 2017. His work has appeared in The MacGuffin, Santa Clara Review, Rock and a Hard Place Magazine, Pigeon Review, Pembroke Magazine, Red Rock Review, Black Fork Review, Suburbia Journal, and Reckon Review amongst many others. His novella, What Becomes of Ours, was published in 2014 by ELJ Publications. His novel Flat Water--the story of siblings, surfing, and sharks and what happens when those things come together both in and out of the water--is available as of September 2023 via Main Street Rag Press. He is an aging rider of bicycles, a talentless surfer of waves, and a happily mediocre player of guitars.


Twitter Username: @_jeremybroyles


  • The Gifted Right Arm of William David Brakebill , The MacGuffin (2009)
  • Little Boneless Blackbirds , Sliver of Stone (2011)
  • Run to See Who Has the Most Guts , Mikrokosmos (2011)
  • The Thunderbird and the Gentlemen , Santa Clara Review (2013)
  • What Becomes of Ours , ELJ Publications (2014)
  • Cupcakes for Good Boys , scissors & spackle (2015)
  • Thickness at the Plate , Pembroke Magazine (2016)
  • Resist Such Wickedness , Scarlet Leaf Review (2019)
  • Watching Over the Pleistocene Epoch , Suburbia Journal (2020)
  • Knees and Toes , Rock and a Hard Place Magazine (2020)
  • Amado Zuniga's Apocalypse Box , Red Rock Review (2020)
  • Knuckle Dragger , Pigeon Review (2021)
  • Cookie Jar People , Reckon Review (2021)
  • The Ticket Stub Time Traveler , Olney Magazine (2022)
  • Open Mic Night at The Pigeon Coop , Forge Zine (2022)
  • Scabs and Scrap , Magical Midwest, a Digital Anthology from Olney Magazine (2022)
  • Somehow, I'm the Asshole , Black Fork Review (2023)
  • Flat Water , Main Street Rag Press (2023)


  • Instructor at Central Community College (August 2011 - May 2017)
  • Professor at Mesa Community College (August 2017 - )
  • Director, Creative Writing Program at Mesa Community College (August 2020 - )


  • Bachelor of Arts in English from Doane College (May 2001)
  • Master of Arts in English from Northern Arizona University (May 2008)
  • Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from Wichita State University (May 2011)

Genres of Interest

Fiction, Creative nonfiction