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How AWP’s Move Affects Your Dossier Files

As most of you know, our dossier service came to an end on March 30, 2015. This news piece explains why we made this transition and introduces our new career web series.

Now we are facing a new transition: Over the months of June and July, we will be moving to our new location at the University of Maryland at College Park. May 22, 2017 will be our last day in our offices at George Mason University.

At this time, all Career Service dossiers have been scanned and stored electronically on lifetime grade, archival CDRs as well as with our secure Amazon Web Services-maintained storage provider and on our office server. However, AWP will not be taking any hardcopy Career Service dossiers with us to our new location. The hard copies of all AWP Career Service files will be shredded by May 15, 2017.

AWP will continue to accept requests from members and former members to send their letters electronically to a new service at any time, even after our move to the University of Maryland.

To Transfer Your Career Service Files

The deadline for having your hardcopy files transferred to a new service was May 1, 2017. To transfer your electronic files to a new location, please first take steps to set up an account with your new dossier service so they will be ready and able to receive your files. You may want to check out Interfolio, a service used frequently by creative writing program hiring committees, to learn more about their dossier service and to set up a new account.
AWP is here for you. We welcome your questions and input, and we look forward to serving you as members in the years to come.

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