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AWP publishes articles about creative writing and job opportunities both within and outside the academy.

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We welcome well-researched articles that will help our members succeed in the academic and nonacademic job sectors. Our online career articles typically range from 1,000-3,000 words and must include 2-3 quotes from interviewed sources. We pay $18 per 100 words. To propose a topic or submit an article for consideration, please email See our submission guidelines for additional formatting information.

Latest Academic Job Market Report

  • Jason Tucker | December 2016

    AWP’s 2015–2016 Report on the Academic Job Market

    This newest addition to AWP’s Academic Job Market Report series finds the trends of fewer full-time tenure-track jobs and the increased use of part-time adjunct labor continuing. This is no doubt bleak, but if there is something to hope for amongst the dismal news, it is that awareness of the problem is increasing.

Career Advice Articles

  • What’s an Older Job Seeker to Do?

    Alyssa Colton | April 2018

    Whatever your initial reasons for obtaining a writing degree, it’s doubtful that they were primarily about landing a great job. Read more...

  • Why Freelance Writers Love Working Part-Time for Nonprofits

    Christine Ro | March 2018

    In some ways, Hannah Brown is living the dream. A few years out of college, she has a remote, part-time job working on a cause that’s deeply important to her. She also has the freedom to write about varied topics, from food to theater. Read more...

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