AWA Group Leadership Training in Ontario, Canada

Mono, Ontario, Canada

Jul 15 - Jul 19, 2019


We offer limited financial aid based on need.

CONTACT: Maureen Buchanan Jones
PHONE: (413) 253-3307

The AWA Initial Leadership Training is a five-day intensive course focused on instructing individuals in the AWA method. This training prepares people to lead writing groups for the general population and for traditionally silenced people in places such as public housing, shelters, hospitals or prisons.

The guidelines and practices that shape AWA writing groups are specific, and the leader's in-depth understanding of them is vitally important to the effectiveness of the group.

In addition to the specific AWA practices, the following skills are taught:

-Creating and maintaining a safe and hospitable writing environment

-Choosing effective writing exercises and prompts

-Being a clear, supportive leader

-Running workshops as a business

-Awareness of craft in all writing

-Leading a manuscript review

-Handling emotionally charged writing

-Structuring the group to accommodate diverse people

-Understanding that writing for healing is not therapy

-Inviting experimentation and growth in participants' writing

AWA leadership is learned by experiencing elements of the AWA method in a simulated workshop environment, experimental writing sessions, talks by experienced leaders, group discussion, role playing, film, and guest speakers to give participants a full experience of the method as it is actually used.

Upon completion of the training, participants will have a thorough understanding of the AWA method, AWA practices and guidelines, and will be able to convey these effectively to their workshop members. Participants also receive a year of AWA Affiliate status following the training which offers continued support for their efforts.


Featured Writers Include:

Sue Reynolds, Vicki Pinkerton, Katie Marshall Flaherty


Poetry, Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Children's literature


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AWA is an international community of writing workshop leaders committed to the belief that a writer is someone who writes and that every writer has a unique voice. AWA trains writers to become workshop leaders so that they affirm that commitment in every AWA workshop, with novice writers who have been led to believe they have no voice and with experienced writers who want to hone their craft.