Edward F. Albee Foundation, The

Montauk, New York, United States

Year Round


SCHOLARSHIP:None Available

CONTACT: Jakob Holder
PHONE: 212-226-2020
EMAIL: info@albeefoundation.org
WEBSITE: http://www.albeefoundation.org

A no-fee residency program for playwrights, poets, fiction and non-fiction writers. Criteria is, simply, talent and need. Offers residencies of 4 & 6 week durations.

The Foundation maintains the William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center (better known as "The Barn") in Montauk, on Long Island in New York, as a residence for writers, painters, sculptors, and composers. The Center is presently open from mid-May to mid-October, and can accommodate comfortably five persons at a time. Residencies are for 4 and 6-week periods (depending on availability). The standards for admission are simply talent and need. Located approximately two miles from the center of Montauk and the Atlantic Shore, "The Barn" rests in a secluded knoll which offers privacy and a peaceful atmosphere. Writers are offered a room, and visual artists are offered a room and a studio, but are responsible for their food, travel, and other expenses. Visit website for full application guidelines and forms.


Poetry, Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Children's literature


New York, United States

The Edward F. Albee Foundation

The Edward F. Albee Foundation exists to serve writers and visual artists from all walks of life, by providing time and space in which to work without disturbance.

Using only talent and need as the criteria for selection, the Foundation invites any and all writers and visual artists to apply.