Fiction By The Ocean

Maine, United States

Oct 15 - Oct 22, 2022


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From the Spark Of Inspiration To The Finished Novel: A Weeklong Retreat for Women in an ocean front luxury home in Bar Harbor, Me. Here we explore the Weave of Writing and Creativity that allows us to experience ourselves as creative women writers unfettered by our inner critics. When we trust our imagination, our characters, plots, and scenes take off; creative magic shows up!

On my 22nd Writing and Creativity Retreat for Women, we live, write, create, dine bountifully and explore the inspiring beauty of Acadia National Park. We live in my expansive home on a cliff overlooking Frenchman's Bay, using the Weave of Writing and Creativity we experience ourselves as creative women writers unfettered by our Inner Critics.

As writers, we love words, but the wheels of the fiction writer's journey are oiled by the imagination and allowing our characters to write our stories. We write scene by scene using my technique called The Five Ingredients of the Scene in Novel Writing. We free the imagination, trust what comes up and develop first draft writing. In doing so, we hand the storytelling over to our characters and plots develop. Scenes take off.

As Stephen King said, “I’ve always wondered who I am when I write because once I’m doing it, I’m not in the room with myself.”

This is the real magic of being a fiction writer. On the retreat, this is something we all experience!

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Emily Hanlon


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The Rocky Shore of Bar Harbor, Maine
Maine, United States

The Fiction Writer's Journey

The Fiction Writer's Journey is the website of writing coach, novelist and Retreat Leader, Emily Hanlon. She is holding her 22nd annual Women's Writing and Creativity Conference in Bar Harbor, Maine on October 15-22, 2022 in her home high above the rocky Maine Coast in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Emily has six novels, including Petersburg, which reached the Best Sellers List in England. In addition, she has written two picture books for children, and The Art of Fiction Writing, a book on writing.