The Lighthouse Sessions—Men's

Maine, United States

Aug 14 - Aug 19, 2022


TUITION / COST:Single Occupancy: $2,535, Double Occupancy: $2,035
SCHOLARSHIP:None Available


A Men’s Writing & Wellness Retreat in Maine

A little time to write. We tell ourselves it’s all we want, but man, is it hard to find!

That’s what Whitehead Island off the coast of Maine is for.

Because it’s more than time we need - it’s generous space. It’s the breeze along the surf. Wooded trails leading to cliff’s edge. Conversation over a meal and around a fire. It’s the daily opportunity to write and explore and to share in the mystery of what speaks to us.

We do this with men from around the country and beyond – a random bunch united by one significant fact: we’ve decided to give ourselves an adventure in writing with the support and camaraderie of others.

That support includes healthy food, daily options for yoga, tai chi and meditation, as well as hang time, solo time, guided walks, and freedom to wander the island.

We do this playfully and seriously, with a light hand, but also a keen ear for the deeper currents that confound and connect us. And isn’t that why we write in the first place?

Yes, writing is a solitary act, but growing as a writer doesn’t have to be. It can be joyous, goofy, profound – delicious, even. Writing with others can send you back to life on shore feeling rejuvenated and eager to face the blank page.

If something stirs when you imagine all this, well, we’d love to have you join us for the Lighthouse Sessions.


Maine, United States

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