Wide Open Writing—Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

May 15 - May 20, 2022


SCHOLARSHIP:None Available

WEBSITE: https://wideopenwriting.com/tuscany-italy-2022

A Retreat For The Senses

Daily morning yoga, workshops, writing prompts, one on one sessions: For six days and five nights we will be writing and nurturing our creative selves. Immersing ourselves in all that the Italian countryside has to offer, we make space and opportunity to break away from the routines that form ‘regular’ life, giving you the chance to connect with your senses and transform your writing.

As with all Wide Open Writing retreats, you don’t need to bring a fully thought out novel plot or an exact idea of what you want to be working on. We will be working with prompts designed to help you find your/a story. And if you do have a project in mind you want to be working on, our daily writing and feedback sessions will give you the opportunity to enrich the components of your writing. In either case, you’ll be moving toward where the power and the passion of your writing is.

The mild Italian spring days are long and warm and our schedule allows plenty of time for playing, hiking, exploring, finding some shade to hide out with a book and of course, writing. Flowers in bloom, cool nights all makes for a perfect setting for inspiration and creativity.



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