Juncture Workshops

Frenchtown, New Jersey, United States

Oct 20 - Oct 25, 2019


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CONTACT: Beth Kephart
EMAIL: info@junctureworkshops.com
WEBSITE: http://junctureworkshops.com/

Juncture Workshops offers intensive five-day workshops on the art of memoir—carefully selected readings, guided prompts, manuscript reviews, and individual conversations with Beth Kephart

Juncture Workshops celebrates the power of memory and language in five-day workshops set in a beautiful river town. In a master-class environment, writers discover the universal truths in the lives they've lived—and explore the frames and stylistic approaches that most powerfully carry those stories forward. Writers also emerge from the program with a list of memoirists and essayists that could help shape their thinking and work in the months to come.


Featured Writers Include:

Beth Kephart, National Book Award finalist, award-winning author of two-dozen books, and award-winning teacher of creative nonfiction at the University of Pennsylvania


Creative nonfiction


New Jersey, United States

Juncture Workshops

Led by award-winning memoirist and teacher Beth Kephart, Juncture Workshops offers intensive five-day workshops, occasional one-day workshops, a free memoir newsletter, a memoir workbook, and other resources for writers in pursuit of truth. During the five-day program, morning sessions feature readings, analysis, and guided prompts. Afternoon sessions feature group critiques of participant manuscripts as well as one-on-one conversations with Beth. Writers produce up to a dozen new short pieces as well as one refined final piece—and return home with deep insights into their larger works-in-progress. Kephart is the author, most recently, of STRIKE THE EMPTY: notes for readers, writers, and teachers of memoir.