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TUITION / COST:Early bird w/out critique $290; w/critique $365 | Bird w/out critique $327; w/critique $402
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An online, live, 5-week exploration of flash form writing celebrating creativity, observation, metaphor & mindfulness.

Welcome to the amazing literary genre of short form writing (also known as flash). Flash is a genre marked by diminished resources. The stories can only be 250-750 words (1,000 max). There’s no time for tremendous backstory and there’s no need. These are stories that begin immediately, featuring characters outsized by their circumstances or snapshot memories from your own experiences, caught in a moment where there’s no choice but to react and change. It will hone your craft like no other, bringing precision to your writing and expanding your relationship with the imagination. The form will serve as a training ground for slipping into the skins of your characters and your memories, mastering scene, celebrating compression, and uplifting metaphor. Short form writing will also bring more empathy and heart to your work. All Maximum Impact offerings may qualify for professional development or continuing education credits. Please consult your departmental policies for funding, or reach out to Maximum Impact Director Katey Schultz, for details.


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Katey Schultz


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North Carolina, United States

Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact provides transformative online curricula and tools for the creative writing process. Our offerings help writers and artists articulate precise language and authentic meaning in their work, so that they feel understood by the greater literary and arts communities. Through Maximum Impact's proven, attentive mentorship approach, clients find deep focus, gentle accountability, and ultimately become their own best sources for inspiration. Some live quietly, pursing projects for personal fulfillment. Others prefer a public sphere and go on to win awards, receive funding, and achieve maximum impact. All clients share a love of working with the imagination and believe that the right word in the right context can change a life.

Katey Schultz, Director of Maximum Impact, holds an MFA in Writing from Pacific University, and is the author of Flashes of War (2013, Loyola). Her fiction and nonfiction have been taught at universities, justice centers, and literary festivals across the U.S. and her business, Maximum Impact, has been featured in both The Billfold and CNBC for its innovation and effectiveness. Katey has received writing fellowships in 8 different states, is the recipient of the Linda Flowers Literary Award, and formerly taught Creative Writing at Interlochen Center for the Arts. She lives with her husband and son in Celo, North Carolina.