Writing from the Inside Out: Getting to the Gut of Your Words with Laura Munson at Madeline Island School of the Arts (MISA)

La Pointe, Wisconsin, United States

Jul 16 - Jul 20, 2018


TUITION / COST:$900; lodging and meals are separate
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Are you burning with themes to parse on the page? Do you feel stuck? Learn how to break through these barriers and set your words on fire from the inside out, no matter what your genre or where you are on your writing journey.

Whether we are writing fiction or non-fiction, usually it's the theme which holds the charge that gets us to put pen to paper. And so often it's that same theme which stops us. It's too fraught, it brings up painful memories, it exposes our inconvenient truths or even other people...or it’s just plain overwhelming. In this workshop, we will break down your most charged themes using the power of the scene as infrastructure, incorporating the elements of literary style which will bring your writing to life.

Based on the work Laura does in her five day acclaimed Haven Writing Retreats in Montana, she will help you create a map for your themes, and then masterfully guide you through writing exercises to help you breathe them alive. These will be scene-driven, character and place forward, and we will focus on what is unique, surprising, and essential to both the subject, and your writing voice. Each exercise will, by design, help you to build your work block by block so

that it is solid, believable, and powerful. In fact, you will likely forget what your themes are in this process, and instead, find yourself in a world where your writing is the living example of “showing vs. telling.”

Attendees will also have the opportunity to read and receive guided and supportive feedback, which becomes part of the class instruction.

In your afternoon free time, you can then use this map to privately develop and apply the classroom teachings to a project, or to expand on your work from the morning session. Each evening we will have a closing session which will include either informal guided free-writing sessions, Q&A, or author/student readings, class off-campus dinner.

You will leave with a new relationship with your burning themes, an empowered trust in the scene, and a personalized map that you can use as your guide for any sort of writing project and in any kind of genre. Your writing will be more fortified than ever!


Featured Writers Include:

Laura Munson


Fiction, Creative nonfiction


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Wisconsin, United States

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