Governance Reform

AWP needs a quorum of its members (three fifths of membership) to vote on a proposal for our association to adopt new articles of incorporation and bylaws. Our current bylaws and articles have provisions that date back to the 1960s, when AWP was a small group of 13 programs and 100 writers. We must adopt a new structure for governance to make AWP a stronger, more modern, and more resourceful association.

Please do it now. Your proxy will ensure that our meeting is legally binding.

There are 3 quick steps: 

  1. Designation: You designate your proxy vote to AWP’s President or to someone who will be at the next membership meeting.
  2. Voting on new articles of incorporation and bylaws: You choose whether your proxy will be used for quorum purposes only, whether your designee can vote as he or she sees fit, or whether you have specific instructions for the vote.
  3. You submit your vote.

If you are unsure about your plans to attend the membership meetings in Seattle, please vote now by the proxy form. Please help AWP become a stronger, more modern, more resourceful association. Thank you.